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I would love to lick you until you come Michelle.

Michell 100%

Flora, your style of using, for lack of a better term, isolation shots of different parts of her body, rather than just her pussy, works well and makes Michelle muck more interesting. Good job. Don't you just love getting detail advice from us. You do have one thing going for you that in the ancient past we (photags) didn't. We had to wait for the proof sheet or prints to really know how the color balance, etc worked. You can only do what you can do with the equipment, camera and lights you have for each set. Unless you are in your own studio it is always a crapshoot.

By the way thanks for joining us in the comment section.

Hi swplf2! I'm very glad to see you! Many thanks for the tip) As I wrote earlier - I love the discussion of sets, shooting, models, etc. I have a lot of photo equipment and I can use artificial light, but still growing preference for daylight. Some people dont have enough colors in photographs, textures, absolute sharpness and something else. It's a matter of taste. I want to make a variety. And to show models as I see them)

Michelle certainly gets my motor revving! What a body, and that naughty look on her face hints at how much fun she would be. Love the "open" shots too, adds significantly to the fantasy!

For me this is another over lit washed out set. The photos are flat and have no depth, color or texture.

You, of course, are right. But as sailor said to me a couple of days ago. "Give her a break." They all can't be perfect... Read my first post today. Once your at the shoot your stuck with what you got with you. In my day the actual "film" choice and the processing made a difference. Digital has made that better, but is still not a total answer.

What you are noticing, hipshot is that there is not much direction to the lighting, hence the "flat" look. I might add that the color balance is once again too yellow-green. Seems to be a common problem, I suspect older equipment is being used. Who knows what the budget for these shoots is?

Hi RedPilot! Thanks for the tip! Of equipment here - only canon 5d m3) Lighting - day (or rather morning) light. This is not quite a pleasant greenish light - the light from the lamps in the ceiling. Initially, they were off, but it turns out - that the model is very similar to a ghost on a dark background:))

Flora, the 5D Mark III is a fine camera. So it sounds like the shoot was made with natural window light (morning) with some tungsten lighting in the room as well, hence the yellow tint. I disagree with the "washed out" comment, the exposure is fine, but it seems most of the light is coming from the direction of the camera. So it appears sort of "flat". I thought you were using strobes, in which case you could move the lights to the side more, giving the light some directional quality. But if it's mostly window light, then... there you have it! Easy for us viewers to criticize, but we never know the whole story. Thanks Flora!

Big thnx for you RedPilot!)

Michelle H is second only to Sofi A on this site for me. I am constantly stunned at how she so totally defines the concept of "flawless beauty meets art."


A video would be nice to see beautiful Michelle

Hi Barnie!) Video will be coming soon..)

Thats great news Michelle is a Beautifull doll

I have a soft spot for Michelle, I love her red hair, amazing blue eyes and her body.... The complete package in my view. Michelle thanks for sharing, Flora thanks for taking the photos.

Hi monkeryma! Thnx!

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