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Michelle 10++

Scene 10+
Lights 10+
Clothing 10+
Fashion 10+
Photo 10+

Nothing more

Michelle is totally beautiful all over, gets a 10 from me. I'm glad she's indoors for most of the shoot, it looked very cold when she was outdoors in the first frames.

Absolute perfection. She exudes sophisticated sex like few women I've ever seen.

Outstanding set, Michelle is one in a million (HOT!) and Rylsky, as usual a very fine job of capturing her. My only (very minor) quibble is that her skin tones seem a bit off, I think it's a cyan tint. So I would try adding red first, then maybe magenta/yellow to warm things up a bit. (It's the photographer in me, sorry.) As for pure feminine beauty, couldn't ask for more!

Michelle is gorgeous with a great attitude and I love her freckles. SHow them more next time! I wish she would grow her body hair and pose all natural.

I can go either way with pubic hair, but in the case of redheads, if she's natural, it's a shame to shave away red hair. Not that she cares about my opinion, but my suggestion would be to let it grow in, trim if you like but celebrate the uniqueness of red hair!

The dye can be applied to the hair of the head as to the hair of pubis.
We will never know which is the true color.
And then ....

Oh, yeah!!

Flamin' hot redhead with ski slope tits!

Consider Michelle's qualifications for the modeling pantheon: 1) She's Ukrainian; 2) She's a redhead; 3) She has freckles; 4) She has a beautiful body and 4) She flirts shamelessly with any nearby camera (especially, i suspect, if Rylsky is holding it). Check, check, check, check and check. As monkeryma put it: "wowzers." Works for me.

Exactly Sailor! ))

Wowzers, that's one hell of a set of pictures! Michelle has an amazing smile in this set and looks like she was enjoying herself. Well done Michelle and well done Rylsky, great set.

Rylsky, this set is a very good example of why I admire your work. I don't want to be critical of other photographers work, but your sets always bring out the best of Michelle H.
IMO, the 3 sets you shot of Michelle are light years ahead of the others.

When I look at this set the first thing I noticed is that she seemed to really enjoy working with you.
Everything looks natural, her poses, her expressions....just everything.

I've said many times before that I like a set to start off with a model fully clothed so I can see her as she appears in public (not necessarily outside when I say "public").

Michelle looks great....to me, this is her best set.
This set has everything I like to see.

Rylsky, this set is why I consider you the top photographer on Met Art.

Ahh, Michelle. The lovely, pale skinned, smiling red head. Always a pleasure.

I particularly like the amazing strong contrast between the blue background and her red hair in the studio shots. It makes everything seem more vivid. The outdoor shots are nice too (and the rich blue of her jeans provides the contrast.)

Beautiful work. 10/10 from me.

Michelle is a remarkably beautiful woman and one of the best red haired models. Such a wonderfully beautiful perfect womanly figure. And a lovely face, her red hair and exquisite blue eyes. Absolutely beautiful.

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