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I love Michelle H, but this is not my favorite set of her. For starters, its too short in quantity, about 25 pics shy of a full customary 120 shot set. Were there equipment problems that caused many of the pics not to turn out? I wonder because there does appear to be some type of processing that has affected the image quality. I'm not real crazy about the bathtub scene and the bland poses, either. If it weren't Michelle, I wouldn't have scored it as high as I did - credit to her and her alone.

To sum it up, its okay but nothing to write home about. It did give me a reason to look back some of her older sets shot by Rylsky, Flora and Arkisi.

I forgot to say that I have looked at some of her other shoots on EA where she works as Micca. On the close-ups you can see she is getting some nasty skin irritation between her vagina and her right thigh, down in the crease.rags25,who is female, says the same thing as the models I know, waxing the undercarriage(American modelspeak for the opening of anus and vagina) avoids all that.

Michelle is a self-sacrificing young person demonstrating how to take a shower, and why it is so important. I mean, you won't get the chance when you meet up with a super hot girl like Michelle.

To hell with your artsy fartsy pretentions. To me, the art is in women's bodies, not in the set or the props. If you're bored by a naked woman, that's sad.

Michelle is a charming young model with beautiful red hair and a beautifully proportioned body, I only wish that she would smile more freely and reveal some real personality. I'm not sure if it is the photo shopping or just the photographer but some of the images are somewhat lifeless.

I think its a little of both.

Michelle is a beautiful girl from out of the ordinary.
Red hair and blue eyes, what more.

This is a set unworthy of her! (Pardon Michelle).
Completely naked from the start in a toilet.
If this is eroticism that meets the art then the poop is a cream puffs.
Flat lighting,
excessive gray,
Michelle, poor thing, do not know what to do, naked, on the edge of the bathtub ....
If you want to go to another planet you do not need the Shuttle: Michelle-Sydlige

I agree, very poor setting and work from the photographer, no guidance it seems.. and she seems confused as well from her expressions, not comfortable, no smiles, she is not having fun with this..
reminds me of army training films about sexual diseases

Being nude from the start is a good thing. The image quality and the setting is not the best, though

I believe that a woman who takes off clothes is sexier than a woman already naked.
If already naked, you see the first photo and you've seen it all.

I'm a sucker for a beautiful redhead--especially this one. Her dreamy eyes alone are worth the price of admission.

Michelle in all her glory, nothing else, nothing else necessary.
Pure gold.

  • 2 years ago:

What's with the drastic oversharpening I am seeing in some sets lately? Please don't do that.

"drastic oversharpening" ?
What is that... is that photography jargon?

This operation is done with "Photoshop" or other photo editing software to artificially increase the sharpness.
Often, if excessive, as in this case, compromises the readability of images.

Thanks for the explanation, gaetano. ( :


Michelle is always great excellent set of pictures.

Very nice set. Image 26 is a terrific boob shot!

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