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Yes. I'd ask her out.

Michelle is a very beautiful girl in a very pretty body suit. She is on an elevated walkway, but I don't know if it's in a conservatory or what In anycase, I was glad to see she got cushons to sit or kneel on, that tile looks cold and hard. I have seen Michelle on SexArt, she looks better, as in prettier, on Met. I find B/G shoots get boring very fast, which is why I never did any, even though that's where the money is for both the model and the photog.

I really enjoy this set all of the lady's are beautiful but there's just something magical about red heads

Those roots look awfully dark, you think it's naturally red hair? I'm not so sure. Since the bush is gone, no way we'll know...

Take a look at her on SexArt where she wears less makeup and you can see her complexion. There's no question she's a natural red head. It's a real shame they covered the freckles in most of her Met-Art shoots.

Don't sweat the small stuff...

Just enjoy the fact that she is hot, right?

Beautiful girl with a beautiful body all around. I'd love to bury my face between her legs.

  • 2 years ago:

I read an article yesterday about a study that shows people consider redheads less attractive than blondes and brunettes. Using the same models and changing wigs, the red wig wearing models consistently came in last and blondes first. Shocking!


Michelle is yet another example of redheaded beauty that takes my breath away.

You just gotta wonder who the heck the subjects were in that study...
Most guys I know LOVE redheads and rank them #1 over blondes and brunettes.

  • 2 years ago:

I'm with you, buddy. I think the study was flawed somehow.

...or, someone was smoking something while they wrote the report up... ( ;

I enjoyed this set very much. And I enjoy the fact that Met has photographers who range in style from more artistic to more commercial. I can't say I'd be completely satisfied if it was 100% either. How can more options be bad? :)

I agree with Neil: Michelle is the perfect red-head beauty! Words are inadequate to describe her. Perfect breasts, perfect eyes, perfect body, perfect skin, perfect legs, perfectly toned, and great attitude. Thanks for artistry Mr. Lee.

This is excellent photography. The standard Met Art should require all of their galleries to uphold. Well, no surprise since Mr. Lee brings his expertise from Met Art';s nemesis, the other M site. His photography will always be world class. This is what we should demand from all of the Met Art's artists. Michelle is more than beautiful in this set. You can see her exceptional qualities, e.g. the eyes, the way they should always be presented.

Forgot to mention, the hair light coming from behind on the right is quite nice. I think a backlighting source is essential, glad to see you did that!

Former photographer myself (but alas, not girls) so I appreciate hearing from the photographer. Overall very nice set, and Michelle is breathtaking. I have mentioned a few times that I suggest a slight warm-up gel over strobe lights, this is especially true outdoors when a flash-fill is used, strobes are often too blue and doesn't match the ambient light. On this set, your fill light is amazingly diffused, wondering if you used umbrellas or softboxes or what (???) Think my monitor is accurate, I see just a slight green hue to Michelle's skin, so a magenta bump would help.

I did annual reports, lucrative but not as much fun as what you shoot! Don't know how you can stay mentally focused with naked women as subjects. I'd be thinking about "one thing"!

Welcome Dave, nice work!

Just wanted to drop in and say hallo to everyone.. Appreciate your feedback. Feedback is the best way to learn. We are new for metart..so it feels like we can get better with some more practice.
have been shooting adult content for 10 years for other sites like twistys, babes ,, mplstudios , penthouse and a bunch of other sites/companies.
Metart is a bit different then what we normally shoot..so please give us some time to get more comfortable with this style.
Hopefully we will get a lot more shoots for metart during the upcoming year..
Keep the comments coming about our sets...good / bad etc. Will read it..and also try to reply sometimes.

Welcome, Dave! I just want to let you know that we members love hearing from the photographers and models if possible. It adds a new dimension to the sets. Welcome to MetArt as well, if your sets are as good as this one, you will be very successful.
Thank you for joining the discussion!

Welcome, Dave and thank you very much for dropping in. Many of us really appreciate photogs posting here and taking part in this forum, and I am one of them. I have probably seen some of your other stuff on a couple of those sites you mentioned. I like what I have seen here so far.

I agree with rachsback about the outdoor lighting being right. It is many times an issue with outdoor shoots, and one reason why I often prefer indoors. Not the case here, outdoors done right!

Overall, this is a pretty damn good set, and Michelle is definitely a great subject to have. The only suggestion I have would be to not have used the two pillows when she was on her knees, IMO. Not that I'm against Michelle being comfortable, but it made it seem more staged and less natural. Just my take on a little thing I noticed.

Once again, welcome and thanks for talking with us.

Thanks for askin Dave... You do real nice work. I have quite a bit of your work from Twistys... Your lighting is perfect on this set, which unfortunately is usually not the case with outdoor sets. As a consequence, I'm one of the 'elders' who prefers indoor sets but appreciate all "good presentations" whether indoors or out. As I said, this is good photography...you're on the right track...;o) And gorgeous babes like Michelle can't hurt your chances of success here at met... Welcome to the dance... Looking forward to what else you have up your sleeve...;o)

Nice work Dave. Love the use of lighting. Look forward to more sets from you!@

Thanks dave!

If I may, can I make two models requests?

Katy D and Sharon E.

I know it's very hard to happen, but I think theses models could use a skilled photographer like yourself.

Thanks again!

Finally, a pristine well lit photo shoot. Nice, clean, crisp focus (no grainy, blurry, foggy “is that a girl or a hadron collider” shots). No maddening bathtubs with gorgeous models inundated with water and soapy suds. No corny, cheese-ball props (like curtains/blankets/umbrellas that open and close, or clichéd angel wings and cotton clouds ala Victoria secret). No model posed in diabolical, all bent and contorted impossible angles and forms. Just a nice, clean, simple photo shoot of my most favorite art form.

The best comment I've ever read!! These words summarizes all the crap that has been happening in MetArt.

...like, forever, or at least, since long before I became a member.

If you don't like that stuff, why are you still around?

Not being snarky, I'm genuinely curious...

Could this be the perfect redhead beauty. Maybe. And Mr Lee has captured her perfectly.

Neil, I'm with you about Michelle's beauty. But Met has so many gorgeous redheads. The answer to your question may be: "Yes, until I'm looking at Violla or Mia Sollis or (fill in another favorite's name)." They're all magic. : )

That is where the "maybe" comes into the comment. I love each and every one of the beautiful redheads on MetArt. But I must say that Mr Lee did a remarkable job of capturing Michelle's beauty. He caught a certain delicate softness that even Rylsky has not found. A kind of lightning captured in a crystal bottle.

Patience grasshopper!

Neil, I'm with you about Michelle's beauty. But Met has so many gorgeous redheads. The answer to your question may be: "Yes, until I'm looking at Violla or Mia Sollis or (fill in another favorite's name)." They're all magic. : )

The regal, no, the divine Michelle... ( :

Great set.

Congratulations,Mr Lee!

The seller

Michelle, honey, you just get yummier. You have a gift for seeming, simultaneously, the girl next door and a wanton sexpot. I'll take the latter, especially when she's a redhead with freckles and a perfect body.

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