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Check out #105 and #106. Shameless photoshopping. Leave her alone, for Pete's sake. She's GORGEOUS and needs no thinning, tucking, smoothing or whatevering. I personally prefer the shot where she looks a little thicker...

Sharp and clear. Airy and bright without the glare (mostly). And yes, a thin layer of red would set of the mons nicely.

set off

Michelle is totally hot, as well as extremely beautiful. Koenart has(just barely) done justice to her. You really have to work hard to accurately portray the beauty of a woman like Michelle.10++++ all around

Seadog, I agree... this is not Koenart's best. Nor Michelle's. Which is not to cast aspersions on her, she is marvellously beautiful and sexy. Just this particular set isn't up to snuff.

Yay! Lighter makeup that doesn't hide her freckles!

Yes... freckles are GOOD. ( :

Way too few shots of Michelle's beautiful pussy!
Too many "farouts"....opposite of closeups ;o)

You mean "farouts" isn't a 60's phrase? ;o)

You're slightly confused kilroy... See the 'fer real man' explanation below...;o)

no, rock, not confused, just my attempt to incite some humor.

I won't allude to my experience with the 70's but it appears I am in good company (:

No, man... "Far OUT, man!" was the phrase when I was a kid, in the '70's.

I beg to point out that WE were using the phrase in the 60's !

I bow to your experience, Dreadnought! I wasn't here in the 60's! ( :
Peace, man!
(BTW, one summer day in the mid-90's I was hurrying uptown to meet some friends after work for happy hour. I was dressed in sandals, jean shorts and a tie-dye t-shirt with a peace symbol. I had a full beard back then which reached almost to my chest, and I had long hair which was tied back. This aging jock-looking guy walked up to me, sneered at me, and said "Fucking hippy!" with scorn dripping out of his mouth, and then walked away.
I could only laugh to myself. He was trying to insult me!!!!! LOL)

It still is in some circles....;o)

Michelle needs a red bush to go with the flamin' hot redhead..."the cherry on top of the sundae", so to speak.

But are you sure she has one?

Hell yeah, I'll bet she has a beautiful light red bush. Or even a somewhat pink or orange color bush. Either way I'd love to know.

Hell yeah, I'll bet she has a beautiful light red bush. Or even a somewhat pink or orange color bush. Either way I'd love to know.

Michelle, as always, smolders in this one. Pic sequence 112 through the end is breath taking.

Perfect from head to toe.

Some overexposed shots but all in all a very nice set!

Michelle is irresistible.

Michelle H is stunning and incredibly sexy. I find this set very frustrating .Tantalising shots of her delicious rear and pussy and that's about it .There is a degree of shyness about it.

Shyness???? She does hardcore, in case you did not know (just check SexArt...and certain other sites)!

Shyness doesn't have to be on the part of the model. Several of the the artists consistently refuse to do intimate shots.

I love redheads and Michelle is as hot as they come. She gives a whole new meaning to the term Red delicious...

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