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Michelle is just lovely! Breathtakingly lovely!

So....we all come here to look at beautiful, naked women. We all have our preferences and there will always be a few idiots that score otherwise amazing forms low for one reason or another. It is their prerogative to do that. They are attention whores. IGNORE THEM! It is also sometimes the case that some other idiot will comment on a comment. (That's me at the moment. Very sorry.) Remember what you are here for! This isn't reddit. Here it is ALL ABOUT THE GIRLS! If you want to talk about the system, the comments, the idiots or anything other than the girls, take it to PornUser.com or some other site because any non-girl focused discussion is really distracting and sometimes a little embarrassing. Make sense? I really hope so. OK, I'm done.

Damn she's hot :-)

Let it grow, just a few weeks, please..

wouldnt mind sucking her toes and pussy

LOL Interesting combination... At the same time could be fun....;o)

For me, the only set today worth saving...

118 is the jewel! Made me grin...

Since my comments are gone with the wind,I will simply say I gave Michelle a 10++++ and don't forget her updates on EA, one of which is a hot movie by flora.

The simple fact is that when you enter your comment it goes into a que where it sits and waits for it's turn in line to be added to the comments. During times of peek activity it can take a lot longer to be processed. For the first few hours on popular sets this could take 15 to 20 minutes to happen. Your post is not gone, it is just waiting for it's turn in line. this site does not filter for duplicate entries so if you post it again it give you a second post. This a problem with the way the comments section is written. The magicians that do the coding need to put in a check routine to eliminate this from happening.

Thanks for jumping in with a more lucid, less wordy, description.

Hipshot, that would work, but it would be easier to add a delete button (right next to Reply), only active for a post that the user owns so that you could not delete others' posts. You could delete the duplicate yourself, so long as nobody had replied under it already.

It would be easiest to post your comment once and "walk away"...so to speak. This ain't rocket science!!


Since my comments are gone with the wind,I will simply say I gave Michelle a 10++++ and don't forget her updates on EA, one of which is a hot movie by flora.

You can say that again!

Do you ever read replies to your comments? Its really easy to do. I tried once to explain to you why a member's comments may appear to be missing but are usually not. Refer to your complaint about your comments disappearing at the April 5, 2014 visit of Barbara D and my attempt to ease your concern about missing comments.

The same holds true for double, treble, and more versions of any member's comments; unless the comments are illegal they are there (patience grasshopper). It is sort of like buying online ~ click once you bought the item once; click twice and you just bought it twice.

Hi baggy pants I general don't check them much other than to see if they are there. Lexi Bloom,one of the models in the met universe who also works for the front office says she was told that Crome works better than windows 7 which is what I use as it's very intuitive and I'm too dumb. Also I asked about Inga C,K says she retired, but there are more sets of her which K will release at the rate of one per month, to make us suffer.

Agonizing for us fans to note that Inga has retired; good luck to her; but very nice to know that she will still be appearing for a while.

Michelle H is a totally beautiful Ukrainian redhead, who wears very cute panties to bed. (Who wants girl juice on the sheets? as my model buddy pointed out.It makes your linin closet smell like vagina ,according to her.I wouldn't know,myself) Michelle does like to fool with the hair color,on looking at "Presenting Michelle " by Leonardo she is a chesnut redhead naturally,but she once rinsed it as orange as APF does hers these days.Michelle has been perfectly photographed by my book.I gave both a 10++++ I don't agree with low ratings at all. And don't forget her updates on EA where she is Known as Micca

Redheads have the hottest pussies on the planet and Michelle is no exception. Love those beautiful breasts with the upturned nipples too. All that along with that gorgeous red hair and that beautiful face and I can barely keep from coming in my pants! Awesome!

I brake for redheads. Especially Michelle.

I was also surprised by the low marks. I thought both the model and the photographer did a great job. terrific set.

10, 10, 10, 10...my ratings for each and every picture...
PPAA TO DIE FOR!!! I would make it my mission in life to make sure they are never lacking in pleasure!

Ooohhhh Michelle... don't get me wrong, you've got a lovely luscious sexy body which I adore, but I am sooo in love with your face... those dreamy, provocative eyes, your freckles, your smile...
Michelle is one of those natural models and I don't think I've seen a Michelle set that wasn't spectacular.

Michelle is a world class red haired beauty. Fabulous fiery red hair, a beautiful face and a drop dead, weak in the knees gorgeous body. All of this is perfectly perfect. I absolutely adore each and every perfectly placed freckle. Those of you who do not know, the freckles are proof that angels kiss while she sleeps. Koenart has caught some wonderful expressions on Michelle's. Truly quite special.

Oh yes, that thing about the freckles and angels? That is what my wife use to tell our grand children. Grand mothers know about such things and the never lie.

It is very nice to see this beautiful red haired freckle factory again, and she also has a superb bum.

Thanks to both Michelle and Koenart for this much appreciated visit.

The best Met-Art set for a long time, a perfect 10 for Michelle H.

Why is this rated 6.67 upon my viewing of this gallery? I'm sorry but anyone who rates this as less than a 9/10 doesn't know the expression of art through the nude female form. What could be more erotic than a young, fit, redhead with blue and pale skin waiting nude on a bed in a bright room. Redheads are a dying breed, because the gene is so recessive we could see the extinction of natural redheads in around 200 years or less. You guys are paying witness to one of the rarest kinds of human beings on the planet, a beautiful redhead (not all redheads are beautiful). No heterosexual sane man would kick this girl out of that bed. This rare beauty gets a 9+/10 in my books each time.

It's 8.28 here 15 hours later, so that is a little more realistic. Realize that the set score is some type of mathematical average. You or I might think that it is a 9 or a 10, but someone else might grade on a different criteria, put it at 5 or 6 (such blasphemy!). Early in the morning, fewer low scores would have more of an effect. As the day wears on, more votes will balance out the average.

Rock is right, everything here is someone's opinion, if we all had the same tastes it would be a boring place. You can't expect everyone to agree with you or to love Michelle as much as you.

For the record, I happen to agree with you about Michele - a genuine redhead and a beautiful one as well, worthy of high marks and a download.

And I agree with YOU kilroy.... Michelle's definitely worthy of high marks and more! And the set definitely worth keeping. I agree with most all praise of Michelle, and I think she's 'really cute' with a 'gorgeous' body! And gorgeous luxuriant hair! Very few of her sets have I left behind. I just took offense at being told what my score should be if I "know the expression of art through the nude female form..." or some such high-flown crap...lol You know how moody I am.... ;o)

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder".... Why do so many have so much trouble understanding this...??? If you believe she is beautiful, that does not make her beautiful to everyone....only to you. And redheads are not going to disappear...don't believe everything those sneaky redheads say....lol And "sane" is also a very subjective term... But thanks for chiming in...;o)

Red heads are indeed scarce and real red heads that are this beautiful are truly rare.

I forgot to disagree with you hipshot...lol I don't think "beautiful redheads" are "rare" at all. I have many in collection, and seen many more. Even some that are "natural" lol ;o)

Green eyes, red hair, freckles and a very awesome vulva! Not to mention all the rest of the lovely features and that coy smile that promises delights beyond speaking. All photographed by a fine artist. Whats not to like?

My only con is the lighting is a bit to bright and tends to steal details.

Nice set and a lovely redhead ))))

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