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Michelle is gorgeous doll

Love to see some more of that red hair... Let it grow, just a little? Not bushy, just, you know.. :)

33. Closer would be fine. A little further would be fine. But slicing and losing the edge of a lovely curvaceous line is not fine.

Great use of a chair, with the posing and color complementing our model's hair.

I'm pretty sure that this girl's real name IS, or translates TO, "Ginger"...;o) And one of the very cutest!! And absolutely delicious, head to toe!! Nice set, but way too many missed opportunities for some GREAT shots. Keep 'er comin'!! ;o)

can't help you there,I don't speak Russian

The help I need dog has nothing to do with language...LOL But thanks anyway...;o)

can't help you there,I don't speak Russian

That actually surprises me... I would have guessed that you do.


Hi Guys! In your raptures over Michelle's beauty, don't forget her stuff that she does on EA,RA,and SA as Micca, specially the shoots she does with Flora,she really lets go then.Of course Michelle and Koenart get their 10++++, but she does let her fingers do the walking so to speak.

She has at least one set under the name "Ruda" shot by Aztek on GoddessNudes as well. It's a very nice set.

"GoddessNudes"...???? Anyone else we know there???

Yes, as a matter of fact... I'd hazard a guess that most of the photogs that contribute here contribute there as well, though many do so under different names (also the models use different names).
Emily Bloom (her stage name there is "Tanya") has some nice sets over there, as do Macy B (as "Jubia"), Nensi B (as Nensi), Norma A (as "Curly" ~ she has a particularly cute set today), Michelle H (as "Ruda" and "Nalla"), Rachel Blau (as "Di"), Mango (as "Katyaclover"), Belinda (as "Nasrin"), Melena A (as "Mariska"), Valeria A (as "Valu"), Edwige as Edwige ( :, Irina J (as "Afrodita"), Indiana (as "Indi"), and those are just a few.
I like GoddessNudes for the models and for the price, but the navigation is really rudimentary. You can access the sets through the "updates" page or alphabetically, or by year. But you can't "favorite" or rate the sets or the models and the models don't have homepages, and neither do the photogs, and you can't rate the photogs. No comments section, though you can send in emails.
When I subscribed, about a month ago, it only cost me $5.00 per month, so it seemed a good deal to me.

On SexArt she uses the name Michelle.

I mean as Micca,of course

Absolutely gorgeous, Michelle is always a treat, smooth shaven with a lovely pair of boobs, she's always a complete delight.

Michelle is a beautiful woman.

I love her freckles, glass cutters, wrinkly areolae, and superb butt cheeks.

I believe that Michelle is a real redhead, or very nearly so. Too bad we haven't seen the proof via a set featuring all her hair including a copy of a sworn and notarized affidavit.

Watch out, Baggy, you're gonna wake the Doug Dog! ( ;

Lovely, lovely girl. Images 31 and 32 bring a smile to my face.

Incredibly gorgeous.

Michelle is Delicious

She's like peaches and cream on a warm summer day.

Talk about bringing life to the room... Michelle is that spark that lights a blazing fire!

Michelle is just a perfect little foxy bomb shell. What a doll.

shes so hot

Very nice set from this red hot model.

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