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gorgeous blond peachfuzz!

Miela is one of the most beautiful and sexy models on Metart. Extremely sexy chest, ass, and legs. Perfect 10.

Miela is one of my favorites. I've always enjoy her photo shoots, regardless of what all the experts out there have to say about the quality of the photos. I thought this site was here for the viewers to admire all the lovely models, not to critique the photographers.

Judging from some of the pseudo techno-babble spouted elsewhere the so called experts are nothing of the sort, personally I enjoy the art in MetArt and can appreciate a pretty girl without the need to pixel peep every image.

Like you, I have nowhere near the expert knowledge some of the posters above seem to have of cameras and lighting. Although I might learn more when reading their comments.

However,our enjoyment of the lovely models depends on the good work of the photographers, would you not agree? Perhaps you have, as have I, seen beautiful models poorly photographed. The pleasure is reduced, is it not?

So, I say if the owners of this site or the ones who purchase the photo sets or who hire the photographers (or whatever arrangement exists for production)know that some members really know photography, expect the best, and know how to get it - then surely those in charge will feel motivated to get the very best. And then everyone, including those of us who only know how to enjoy the models, will benefit.

So, perhaps it would be best to let the photographer critics have their say. Yes?

I always enjoy seeing pictures of Miela. She is so cute and sexy. I love her blonde hair and pretty face...not to mention her great figure.

I just love Miela, her body is so perfect!
I could taste her for hours and hours, oh yeah!

This model is so pretty and has a lovely vagina which she is more than willing to open up for a closer inspection. On this site though its always clam and double clam. I would love to see some shoots on here though which show more, especially close up shots that have her labia significantly more exposed.

Yep, tintin, she is gorgeous, and her pussy is amazing!!! If you look at photo 98 you will see that it's actually difficult for her to get more exposure without using her fingers to spread...which I think is against the rules here.

I've experimented at bit with this set in advanced programs....and I regret to say the pic quality is too low -- but the more advanced Nikon D800 functions are not so easy to master perfectly either. Small pixel size tends to increase luminance/color noise --- especially at high ISO, but --- removing artifacts and improving microdetails etc --- I managed to raise the image quality significantly.

I downloaded the high res set, and nearly every photo suffers from lack of sharpness, especially on her face and eyes. I don't see any shadows in this outdoor shoot, so maybe the light level was so low that he opened up his lens all the way, causing depth of field to suffer. What do you think Urbitorix?

Stopping aperture down normally increases depth of field....but if you stop down the aperture TOO far, DIFFRACTION will reduce the image definition. Diffraction strength is influenced by the pixel size in the image sensor, and the photographer has to look for the aperture offering the best possible balance between sharpness and depth of field.

In D800 "Live View" photographing the mirror is raised before the shutter is released -- this will reduce blur significantly (i.e.: the mirror slap is enough to blur images).

Otherwise; at the high resolution offered by the FX-format CMOS sensor, even the slightest camera motion may induce blurring --- generally high-quality lenses with vibration reduction should be used (vibration reduction should be turned off if using a tripod --- in hand-held and monopod photographing the "normal" mode should be used).

Nikon D800 does also have something called "Active D-Lighting" restoring highlight/shadow details which --- correctly used --- is great for light balancing and image optimization.

Love Miela, so it's unfortunate to not have sharp images, especially with a bunch of headshots in the set.

It's not a camera or depth-of-field problem, it's the light level. Choose a too-high ISO and you get visible graininess at high-res. And if the shutter speed is too slow and you don't use a tripod, you also have some camera shake to add to the lack of sharpness. It's not that difficult to add a little flash to outdoor shoots to fix this and not lose the outdoor feel.

Still, a very tasty set of Miela pix.

Always good to see more of Miela, what a body and such a lovely vagina.

It's a pity that the photographer didn't make more of the fact that she wasn't wearing any knickers, a couple of upskirt or flashing shots would have been fantastic.

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