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  • Gary
  • 7 months ago:

Miela does not need, and should not wear, eyebrow liner, or any makeup for that matter.

Miela may have one of the cuter pussies' I have ever seen! Tight, clean, no extended labia, just clean, cute pussy!

these are old pics of her before her boob job, nice try

Miela has not had a boob job. Fake boobs don't respond to gravity the way hers do!

Think you might be wrong about that. Look back at some of her older posted sets and her breasts still appear to be the same size (Alisar, Amethyst, Atmos, Insight). If you look closely, she seems to have more "laugh lines" around her eyes - of course that could be a function of UV exposure without sunglasses - in this set than in earlier sets.

Still, all-in-all, a very nice body (except for the "over-blonde-ifyed" hair) - wonder what she looks like with her natural hair color and maybe a bit of a bush.

Set away by the style and quality of MetArt

Miela is What I consider to be one of the premiere models on this site. Definitely the total package. Oh, I love those cute freckles! This is a superb set, very well shot with proper lighting and varied poses. Most of Miela's recent sets seem to be outdoors, but she is well-suited for it and it matters not to me when they are this well done. This is definitely one of my favorite sets of the lovely Miela.

Best I have ever seen her, Good job Luca!

I'm echoing what's been said before, Miela is a 10+++. Almost too perfect... well I said *almost* ;)

Nice to see that tasteful lighting can be done outdoors. It's not easy, I know- been there myself, but unfortunately NOT with a hot subject like Miela. Sigh, I did professional photography for 30 years, but industrial/commercial. Should have done girls instead!

Yes, the line would be long to hook up with her. I guess I have to be grateful that because of the internet and MetArt, I'm at least able to see what perfection looks like. Alas, such beauty will never be in MY bed, but what a nice fantasy!

Miela is one of the most beautiful and erotic of all models. Her face is beyond stunning. So are her breasts. The location is fine. I'd love to see her grow her body hair - that would be the ultimate!

Absolutely beautiful girl and nice picture set. There are 3 different instances of her leaning over in this gallery, but all the pictures are taken from the rear. PLEASE use the same poses, but take some front shots so we can see those absolutely beautiful breasts hanging down from a different angle. Thanks.

Nicely hung!

God, this woman is so fucking hot! I'd really love to jam my rock hard cock inside that lovely little vagina of hers!

Once again, TMI Mr. Shackleton! We really don't need to hear that kind of detail.

Agreed, TMI.

What happened to her? She lost weight? Is she on drugs? Her breasts are ugly now.
She used to look much better than that, I'm disappointed.

i think these are old pics of her

Again... not. See previous post.

Are you sure your looking at the same set the rest of us are....

Miela is a perfect beauty who belongs outdoors. However, the outfit leaves me cold.

Miela just gets hotter and hotter. Pretty soon the MetArt servers are going to melt down!

Blonde, blue eyes, tanned, sexy, mischievous smile, young....what more do you want?... ;-)


Get in line, Sailor! ;)

Damn. I was afraid of that. ;)

Miela is a beautiful woman with a simply incredible body. I'm not a fan of the location, but as much as I don't like the stairs (they seem very uncomfortable for her), who can complain too much when you have this sexy lady disrobing for you?

Miela's rerturn is always cause for celebration. She is luscious from head to toe and has the sexiest birthmark in captivity. I love her beautiful breasts, her yummy pussy and her tasty anus, absolutely love them. 10 forever.

I absolutely agree, Sailor.

Each time I see a new Miela shoot previewed, I thank God that I am a man. I have never been to the Czech Republic, but thanks to Met and the internet, I get to look at this ethereal beauty in all her natural glory.

It's funny, Sailor. I'm a stock broker, but after coming here tonight, and seeing these pictures of Miela sans clothing, I can't help but do a face palm. I choose the wrong profession. I should have been a photographer. I would gladly shoot Miela for free.

Mr. Helios, you have no idea how envious I am of you right now.

Same here—and not for the first time!


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