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Beaaauuutiful girl, face, breast, lips, all over body!

Another amazing set from the amazing Miela (the reason I signed up!) Those steel-blue eyes give me a heart attack every time.

Miela's looking as beautiful as ever. I found the lighting interesting but it got a bit harsh and distracting as the set goes on, but that's just my tastes. My personal favorites are her work with KOENART, especially the "Relia", "Gnostico", "Honing", and my all-time fave "Gorgona" sets here on MetArt.

Still, an awesome set, Miela, you're the best!

I am not a fan of costume based sets, preferring the models to be nude throughout the shoot. I also dislike shoes! Having said that, there was still plenty to like about this set, her name is Miela/Mary Queen. I love this young lady for the vibrancy she brings to her sets. She is adorable with a wonderful body and some of the cutest feet on the site.

Miela is always sensual,very hot, amazing, wonderful . Top 5 from MetArt.

top!!(i hate photoshop when too vivible)

I think that Miela/Marry Queen is very beautiful physicaly, but not so hot as a model. She does porn, both b/g and g/g and it shows. She looks quite unhappy,and the few smiles I could find are forced ones. This is a problem common to sex workers , there is no emotional investment in sexual relations, This is how the girls survive. (When I could work, I was a Psychiatric social worker, and dealt with a lot of former workers. Photography was my hobby, and later support when I started having health problems)

You're full of crap!

Get a life, man. Miela is pure dynamite. She is one of the sexiest models on the internet. Enjoy the pictures for what they are; or take your neurosis somewhere else.

Seadog, I just don't see it in this set. She seems to be enjoying herself, certainly not hating it.
I have seen some of her hardcore stuff, and she approached it from a pretty mechanical angle... didn't seem to enjoy it, but to see it as a piece of work to get done.
But in her photography here on MA, to me she doesn't seem to be hating it.

...another way of looking at it, Seadog, is her longevity in the career....
Just here on MA she's been appearing since 2010, fairly prolifically... in addition, she has a bunch of material on Erro's site, and I know of at least 3 other sites (soft and hardcore) she's been on fairly regularly and prolifically.
If this work were psychologically destroying her (without, you must admit, any visible physical evidence) I wonder if she would have been so active in the business for so long?

Good point.

5seadog you raise an interesting point. Especially since we now have SexArt in the family. Until you gave her "porn name" I hadn't associated her with her porn. It seems that many of our Czech girls have been if not now done porn, even before SexArt. Hell APF started in porn. I am not sure about a generalization however. Dido/Lola is a good example. Here and on Sex she is the picture of happiness and in a weird sense innocence until she "performs". She seems to be able to "walk" both sides with ease. Caprice would be another example she bean as Little Caprice before we ever saw her. As an attorney I had many clients in the "biz" also. Primarily because of pill use. Some could handle it, many could not. Probably a wide spread here on how they deal with their chosen "work". I think APF's climb to world wide success and yet stayed in the "biz" probably gives the younger ones a role model to look up to, and follow.

Hi AWPlf2 you raise the point I was trying to make. there is a lot of money to be made in b/g porn, and that is why girls get into it. The problem is they are not as smart as APF,w ho got out of b/g porn and went to guys that don't do it, like Luca Helios. APF does do solo and sometines g/g. but she is also producing films in the met universe. Another is Angel N in the b/g porn world she is known as Angel Dark.Bijou and Eufrat were in b/g at one time,and have gone to solo or g/g for ViV Thomas. The reason I had the gitls is that I worked for Family Emergency unit,and I had them for the same reason, drug and Alcohol abuse, plus kids. I had then because The Welfare Department supervises Child protection Services in my state. When I got to the bottom of the Problem(pun not intended) It was sex work that had messed them up.

Damn! Every time! Miele seems incapable of turning out a set that doesn't absolutely destroy me. She is unbelievably beautiful in EVERY particular. Erotic beyond belief. Boatloads of 10s, sweetheart, and then it wouldn't be enough.

Ditto! Breath-taking, fantastic, WOW!

Sailor, If you have never seen her as a porn performer, she is not just a tease she delivers just as well when it is down to business time. Great girl no matter where she performs...10+ in both fields.

Girls....Just say NO to fake tits!

I gotta back the others on this one, Rock. I think Miela's are naturals.

  • 2 years ago:

In my expert opinion, those are real. They deform like they should in her various poses. Fakes look nearly the same in any position.

Rock, I'm not sure they are. #36 would likely give it away, probably see the telltale signs on the underside, unless it was photoshopped out, of course. IMO, these are the real deal.

I think you are making an assumption, there is such a thing as natural big breasts. If she is "altered" she was awful young when done. Look at her first set at 18 by ERRO and compare to now. No Change. It actually was early on a policy at Met to not use altered women. Think about the current debate over tats. Nessa had implants didn't hold up here. Few have any piercings except belly button and ears also in her porn work Miela's breast move like real ones. Only she knows for absolute sure!

"Drawing a conclusion based on visual evidence" is not the same as "making an assumption". You will all believe what you choose to believe, as will I.

No problem

I've been pretty much hooked on Miela/Marry since the first time I saw her and she's looking as good as ever in this set. She ranks high on my "If you could have any porn star as your girlfriend..." list. A member of the Perfect Pussy Club.

Count my vote for. PPC.

Yes! A First Ballot Hall of Famer for sure!

Bibblefuss, Miela is definitely a founding member of the Perfect Pussy Club (PPC) for short.

Oh HELLZ yeah.

Miela A looking sexy as usual, but I have 1 complaint based on the photographers style.
When it comes to close up shots of the ass view of her pussy, don't be cropping out so much of the shape of her hips etc. To me its just a claustrophobic view. I think the hips and ass should always be in view, for at least most of those similar shots. They were overdone in too many photos in a row.

especially for models with nice curvely shapely hips, as Miela A

I gotta agree with you concerning her shape. As far as I'm concerned, her proportions are perfect, or as close as we ever approach perfection.
Sheer womanly voluptousness...

I'm getting fed up with THIS site NOT letting these Beautiful ladies SPREAD THEIR PUSSY LIPS OPEN When these SAME ladies Spread their pussy lips OPEN on OTHER SITES. I may not renew my membership here

realman (as I choke back a laugh)...most of us don't need constant photographic reminders of what a pussy looks like. As [previously stated here] find another site!

If that's what you want, you will not be happy here and are at the wrong site.

Then switch your membership to SEXART, and stop complaining, Met didn't get to #1 by being "like" other sites. We know what we are getting here, and Mets limits have worked...

A wonderful set showing Miela at her most beautiful yet. Number 117 is the perfect pose for leg lovers showing her perfect feet. Please show more shots like 116-118 showing models in "the pose".

A wonderful set showing Miela at her most beautiful yet. Number 117 is the perfect pose for leg lovers showing her perfect feet. Please show more shots like 116-118 showing models in "the pose".

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