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Herrlich, ganz nackig und absolut schamlos, mein Spatz steht steif hoch...

The return of Mika is always welcome, in the 5 years she's been showing off her body she just keeps on getting better.

This lovely girl has long been a firm favourite of mine and this beautiful set merely goes to confirm her very high standing in my affections. More please as soon as possible.

Mika on the rocks! Delicious

New cocktail? ;)

Dazzling smile, great legs. What more could one want?

Mika was always one of my favorites. Cutest little thing, and sexy. Great to see her now as more of a woman than a girl. I love her fresh outdoors look, but like some other folks, I'd love to see her indoors, in studio, apartment, hotel, and bedroom!

Yes! "And" not "or" !!

All outdoors and g/g sets have kept me from noticing this beauty.
This is still outdoors, but I had a look and fell in love! This girl is delicious!!!

I really like it when Met-Art goes all "back catalog" on us and brings forward a girl I never really noticed before. Mika is a sexy treat.

I do like Mika, those eyes are amazing.

...what eyes?...Oh yes, those eyes!... ;-)

PS I would love to see an indoor set of lovely Mika, maybe in a bedroom setting.

I totally agree, monkeryma, she always seems to be playing outdoors. Nice enough, to be sure... but one can only dream of how nice it would be to get her inside, on a bed... ( : ( :

Oh yes it would be great, for now all's we can do is dream.

Aaahhhh Mika's back!
This is an ear-to-ear smile on my face, in case you were wondering.
The leggy, coltish girl-next-door, now deliciously grown up, and in full flower.
Please don't leave us so long again, Mika! Come back and share your sunshine often!

Mika is a very pretty young lady. Lovely rustic location, but when I review such photos I find myself concerned for the model's safety.

I have no doubt you see a real danger to Mika here Neil, please tell me more.

I like seeing the model posing on rocks and climbing on stones, along fast moving white water etc. But I dread to think what could happen if the model slipped and fell. She could be severely injured or at least get some nasty scrapes and abrasions. Anybody who climbs on rocks, out in the woods should be dressed in sturdy shoes, blue jeans and a shirt. Mika is climbing on the rocks in the nude and bare foot. I am not sure if the photos were worth the potential hazard. She is braver than I would be. The photographer must take care of the model. "The perfect shot" is not worth the young woman's safety.

Now I appreciate your concern, thanks.

Delicious Girl next door appeal, perfect breasts, wonderful.

Mika is a lovely and sweet looking model. I can't believe I never noticed her until now. I must go and download her other sets.

The movie in the field of flowers is delightful ("Champagne" ~ ?)
It's why I fell in love with her. It's not very explicit, but it is lovely... "Tei" is more explicit, and just a lot of fun.

nihil: I agree with your comment and feel that Mika is greatly under-rated.


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