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I hate when photographers use artificial lighting on outdoor sets, specially when they exaggerate on it. It makes the photos look like studio photos. What's the point in shooting outdoors if you're not going to make use of the natural light?! It looks like photos made in a studio with a fake landscape panel on the back. It takes away all the magic and beauty of an outdoors set.

  • Sten
  • 6 months ago:

I agree.
Maybe this is because many people complain about not enough closeups, there is always somebody, who can't see this or that... And forget about the Art... :)

Mika,You are more beautiful every day

Mr. Matiss were not in good condition when creating all this shots.

u haz g string? clz in. repeat. u haz g string? clz in. K?

radial relaxation
cause for celebration.

Arch, curve, pointed toe, sweeping hair, nipple peek, all with that smile.

My gawd, Mika, you are beautiful!

Please share your exquisite feminine beauty with us much more often.

Very pretty girl...very delicious body. Unusually good set for Matiss. Maybe he's turning a corner...? Very good photographs of a very seductive young woman, in a decent location with excellent lighting...
Have I woke up on another planet!?

Now I see that this is most likely an older set...figures.

Don'tcha ❤ looking at women who DON'T NEED MAKEUP?!?!

IMO, very few do. My ex used to wear makeup perhaps two or three times a year ~ and then it was a bit of a treat because it was so rare. But (like most women) she was so pretty she didn't need to wear it.


Extremely hot set of photos

This is the type of Matiss shoot I like to see. It's outdoors, but interesting with a good mix-up of poses. Mika is so beautiful and this shoot location is a great way to show it.

With a smile like Mika's, all sins are forgiven in my book. ( :

It's so good to see Mika back ~ and how! These new sets of her are absolutely spectacular.
Clearly whatever she did during her extended absence was good for her because she looks better than ever.

Glad I'm not the only one noticing that Mika is definitely looking better than ever. :-) I'd love to see more photo sets and a video update for this lady, please!

Nature, nature, sun, that is necessary in the winter :)
Beautiful, elegant, look and admire your beauty Mika. Your gorgeous body lures. Excellent poses. Sweet pussy, nice face, seductive eyes, graceful long legs.
41, 82 - I want to put my hand on your back.
88, 92, 106 - I want to enjoy your eyes.
7, 83, 104, 105 - beautiful long hair, witch wants to stroke and stroke.
82, 84, 94, 101, 102 - Wo^oW
Videos, give, give ...
Matiss / 10 - thank you returned my favorite model, great job, great light.
Mika / 10 + - waiting for you again and again...

You sweet, slim angel! Getting more and more lovely since 2008. Nibblable nipples, and lovely open house in shot 73. Hmmmm!

Yes, I agree. I sincerely find Mika even more appealing now than during her 2008 photo shoots. I hope she continues for more years!

+1 for nibblable.

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