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Wunderbarer Moment, wenn sie die schönen Beine ganz zurücklegt, und den Blick auf ihr nacktes Fötzchen und den Anus freigibt, mein Spatz ist ganz steif...

This girl is awesome. Thanks to model and photographer

Great job! Love Mika's pussy and ass.

On a site with THE most beautiful women in the world, Mika stands apart as one of the sexiest here, making her a strong choice as the most beautiful in the world.
I remember the chills I got the first time I saw her nude here years ago, and she's only gotten better with age.

Those long legs, perfect breasts and nipples, and stunning smile.

Mika, thanks for sharing your beauty with all of us here!

She has absolutely grown more beautiful with age, and lost none of her sexy playfulness. I fell in love with her watching her first (or was it second?) vid, the one with her in the field of yellow flowers. Even though there was very little explicit content in it, her personality came through so strongly she was irresistible... and she's still got it.
I WOULD very much like to see some new vids of her....

Beautiful woman beautifully shot. A 10!

Wunderschöner Nackedei, mein Spatz steht sofort steif hoch...


I take it back....this is freakin awesome!! K must have decided to make this "Gorgeous Vulva Saturday"! ;o) Between Mika and Selestina, my day is complete... Best Saturday I can remember in the last...week or so. ;o)
All bow in praise of K...the Most Magnificent of Content Managers...! :oD
And a standing O for gorgeous Mika and her gorgeous vulva!!

Love the yellow dress. Such gentle, sensuous eyes. Wow, what a dazzling smile! Kissable lips. Out of this world.



One is plenty? Wow.....

Utterly gorgeous and a magnificent exhibitionist, Mika is a triumph once more.

Mika looks awesome with her slender body.The wet pussy and asshole shots are outstanding.

A beautiful girl with a really lovely pussy.

Some shots could provoke more debate about hair around pussy...I certainly like it in this case...:)

Oh no! NOT the endless debate about pussy hair! It's been so quiet lately, hasn't that been kinda nice?

I think it has


Wow, at last some (decent) spreads by met (pic 32-35), More spreads please.

Jeez, how many closeups of a pussy do you need?????? One is plenty, unless you're a gynecologist.

A closeup is one thing...
A "spread" ~ with the face visible ~ is something else entirely, especially with a face this gorgeous and this expressive...

A gorgeous, long-legged bundle of sheer feminine sensual delight. A feast for the eyes... the only thing that could possibly make her sets any better would be if she was to fully open her labia into a full butterfly. Nevertheless, though she stops just short of a full butterfly, what she does offer is quite gorgeous.

Wonderful & highly revealing set of this slim, beautiful sexy girl.. certainly go my heart going a bit!

Thanks Mika - you left no stone unturned on this one & I can't wait for the next! 10/10 from me

This is how it should be done! Stunning! Thank you luscious-lipped, nifty-nippled Mika anf Matiss.

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