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Wunderschöner Nackedei, mein Spatz steht steif hoch...

That is a really great sink.

....there was a sink?

Yeah! That's what I'M here for too!...looking for a great bathroom sink!!

MIka is the main ingrediant to a most favorite recipe, even if served daily, more would be required to satisfy the hunger.....

A mischievous angel that got grounded, and continues to be naughty...;o)

I absolutely adore Mika!! "Angel" is a word often applied to her, so you have to wonder if there may be some "truth" to it... ;o) Those marvelous eyes lead one in that direction...

These "artists" that are attracted to bathrooms must drink a lot during the course of a shoot... What else can be drawing them to bathrooms...over and over!!? Is indoor plumbing, and therefore nice bathrooms, a recent developement in the eastern hemisphere, and they're still in awe of it??? I don't get it!

's OK, Rock, if you haven't "got" it yet, you're never going to, even if we tried to explain it to you... ( :

Mika is a true delight and she always puts on a great display, awesome sexy beauty and what a lovely smile.

Love Mika. The gangly, dangly necklace - not so much.

I can tolerate the dangly necklace, until it gets in the closeups. Why do they do that?

I know, right?!? I don't get it either, it just simply makes no sense whatsoever.

Hi Mika,
I think you've lost some weight. Darn you're looking good now.

Lovely! I only wish she had soaped up in the shower.

Mika is remarkable. Such a beautiful angel. I love her fresh, wholesome face, with that wonderful happy and inviting smile. She seemed to enjoy doing this set. And this was a tour de force for her and a masterpiece for Matiss. The brightly lit bathroom was perfect for Mika. The sequence of photos in the shower was excellent. Very nice. Slava Ukraini.

Long-legged, lithe, lovely Mika is my MA angel for today... *sigh*
I love her hair up like this, it draws extra attention to her lovely face and her big eyes. ( :
Funny how she doesn't mind "gaping" but she never "butterflys" her lovely labia... I wonder if that's her reservation, or Matiss's?
Oh well, either way she's still my angel and I'll be daydreaming about those eyes all day long... ( :

I am really happy that Mika and Matiss have collaborated on the six (and counting?) visits that seem to signify a second / resurrected career for Mika.

She is beautiful and has matured very gracefully, plus I am a sucker for glass cutters.

Many thanks all around.

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