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Now perhaps on a second review, I might be totally wrong. Perhaps our lovely woman is in the mischief mood..... wishing to inspire wanten delights, tempteress have been know to use this avenue for their seduction. I will follow her where ever she directs..........

It is with a genuine request, this supreme, delicate, and refine woman display her attributes in a more suitable setting. One which high lights her expressions, rather than detracts. Her sence of passion is overcome by brightness of light. Delicate is my fantacy of Mila, that has been overcome by too much bold, shock and awe. She is delicate, lovely, and in demunitive ways very precious. Her maturity is advancing, all towards the aggrandisment of those whom follow her trail. These photos are her trail.......... improvement can and should be accomplished.

Mila looks great - better than on the older shots. Not sure if she's 5 years older here however.

On a side note - nice photography, I have no problem with the he high key appearance. There is just one thing I do realize more and more often - and which drives me crazy. I can fully understand portrait photography is more tempting for photographers. Shooting something (someone) by default vertical oriented is for sure more convenient in portrait mode. Unfortunately met-art is not a printed magazine, but a digital platform, where most of us have landscape oriented screens. Zooming the image so it's height fits the screen means we get it pretty small - and in a "fit width" there is not enough visual context.
Lot of excellent photographers still do not realize this - however this set, with just 1 landscape photo, goes a few steps further - "usability" is almost zero here.

Wow, someone has finally hit the nail on the head! Most of these photographers are still living in the dark ages and apparently don't know anything about them new-fangled widescreen computer thangs. When I unzip a download, I first sort on the dimension field and any file whose vertical dimension exceeds its horizontal goes straight to the trash can. I'll be damned if I'm going to waste my time viewing a strip of pixels down the middle of a black screen or, worse yet, have to SCROLL a hi-res image from toes to topknot. There was a time when shooting horizontal meant the model got a staple in her belly. Wake up, dudes, THERE ARE NO STAPLES HERE!

good morning ^^

Too many photogaphics effects generally on ''met art'' and other sites ..
Ok,''art'' but a woman must look like to a woman ..with a pink skyn.. ect...
Generally , too many effects with photoshop on metart, and i think it since a long time .

LOL! Leocont comes back working with her for MetArt after FIVE years! Why absent for so long, I wonder!
She was already a favorite of mine back then, although her photos are usually too puritanical for my taste.

She's returned first on EroticBeauty with some sparsely published sets; now she's on MetArt again. Hope she stays now. :)

I don't think this is new material. MA has been known to store sets and release them months or years later.

The evidence is in the heels; same as in sets from 2009. I'm guessing few women of this calibre keep shoes for five years!

Beautiful woman.

Such a beauty!! I suspect bad photography for ending her career...at least here at Met, but it could just as easily have been a possessive husband...lol She's pretty gorgeous, and I'm not sure I'd be willing to share her either... Nice to see another set of hers though...and too bad they weren't any better.

Mila F is very pretty, all over. You can't find a square inch that isn't gorgeous.I do wish he had used a darker background, say a ivory or peach.Her face is so lovely we need for it to stand out more Leocont repeats himself,he could cut about 10 shots out and it would look better. he may have been trying to compensate for drowning out Mila's face which is very pale. I gave Mila a 10 and Leocont an 8

Very young and very beautiful Mila.
Very pleasant in set.

Welcome back!!!!

Beautiful model ...awful photography.

There is a thing called contrast.

In picture after picture, Mila's incredible body gets washed out against the white background.

Pretty basic stuff.

Photography 101.

Wow, the photo snobs have been coming out of the woodwork of late. I like how anyone who's ever held a camera thinks they're Ansel Adams. I think I'd rather focus on the pretty girls.

I'll repeat myself, this is a lighting technique called "high-key". It's very bright, not everyone likes it, but the idea was probably to accentuate her angelic face, the lightness is often equated with heaven. Her skin tones are actually pretty much as they should be, there is some bleed-over but not much.

Yes focus. Shots like #21 drive me crazy. That could have been such an erotic shot, finally getting a little closer, and then he leaves her panties out of focus. Aaaargh, not even a second shot to appease the horny guys like me. So very frustrating! :(

The focus, pissed angles, the lighting, another silly hat-thing; the only thing that could have made this worse is an outdoor library...if there is such a thing.

You got it right. Very frustrating.

He also suffers from digital-rapid-fire syndrome (photos 81-88 for instance.)

What I find frustrating is the preponderance in the use of the tilted frame shots (what I like to call "Titanic" shots) - makes me feel kind of seasick looking at them.

Patience Grasshopper!

What I find frustrating is the preponderance in the use of the tilted frame shots (what I like to call "Titanic" shots) - makes me feel kind of seasick looking at them.

We must be looking at a different set of photos. Mr/Ms Leocont got the exposure of Mila's pale skin quite right. That ain't easy against a bright background.

The focus, on the other hand, is a major problem in too many pix.

she is so pretty

It's nice when a model from the not too distant pass reappears. Here's hoping 5seadog will enlighten us with some background on both this Mila and Leocont.

Mila is a slender beauty; I like her tiny ta tas, "endless legs", and she has a superb bum. I used the Wabac machine for more glimpses of her prominent ribcage.

Thanks to all who found, rediscovered, or approved the publication of this fine collaboration between Mila and Leocont.

The "endless legs" is a function of a forced perspective floor shot done with a slightly wide-angle lens. Kinda makes he look like something from "The Attack of the 50' Women" movie.

I should amend that to say "for the most part" or "usually" it's the function of the choice of lenses. In Mila's case it's compounded by the fact that she in fact, DOES have long skinny legs.

Gentle men, take a note, "Boiyoingyoingyoingyoing!"

Mila, honey, I don't know where you've been for the past five years, but don't go back. Just park that pretty little tush anywhere you like in the general vicinity of MetArt and pay us a visit from time to time. With your fashion-model looks and endless legs you're always be welcome.

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