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so how many years has this set been in the possession of metart?

And why now?

I like her --

A beautiful woman, good leags, and wearing heels !!

Life has little more to offer.

tables suck

Mila is a girl of great beauty, great charm, great elegance.
Mila naked even more.
Great setting, beautiful photos.
Excessive "purple fringing" (lateral chromatic aberration).
Unacceptable for the technical quality that you would expect from MetArt.

This is a poorly curated set--photos out of order without logic.

ONE again...Nice model,pleasant environment, but this serie is too musch PHOTOSHOPPED one more time , as often, on MET ART! damage.....

Pretty face, that's it, this is supposed to be an erotic set, right?

I did not look closely enough. In some of the shots she is pantyless .
But the best shots , 7,8,9 she is wearing panties. Other than that I pretty much agree with hipshot's comments.

Quite a sexy girl in a pretty little dress , but why is she wearing panties? In a set like this where the girl is dressed and on a table
she should be revealing her "girl parts " from under her dress.
I have never seen the term "girl parts " written before . Very polite.

Lovely face and eyes, love the illusion created by the beads, Excellent butt, enthusiastic poses with some inventive touches. On the other side she is too thin. She could carry another 10 lbs and it would hardly show.

For the artist, this set lacks closeness and intimacy and the camera hardly moves throughout the whole set. The lighting is good and the colors are good. The focus and depth of field are good but the set feels more like a flamenco than an erotic set.

Mila F did a good job but was a bit stingy with her girl parts.

Hipshot, I've noticed that Mila never gets "intimate" in her sets. Having said so, she is a really good tease in the other ways ~ especially with the expressions on her face. ( :

Well put. The analysis of the camerawork prevents me from making a weight assessment - I generally consider that to be a challenge for the artist. Wayyyyyyy to vertical. Very flattering make up. Effectively affecting eye contact.

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