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That third nipple is hot.

Nice looking girl but why ruin a gorgeous body with horrendous art work. You wouldn't scrawl on a Picasso or Rembrandt so why deface a perfect female canvas. Met Art please photo shop tattoos off all your models for a tramp stamp free zone.

Perfect as usual, Rylsky -- it's a true pleasure to rate this set: "10"! :)

This one has always been quite pretty. However how could she possibly think (especially being a model) that the horrible (so called) work of art around her belly button would be found appealing to others.

Because it IS appealing!! To MANY others!! Some people appreciate "body art", and Mila's tats are awesome!! ESPECIALLY her "starburst"! I want to kiss it!!

Rylsku could use a bit faster shutter speed so that the water drops gonna sharper. That could be very beautiful.

Thanks for request , but technically it is possible only with special lightning equipment which will be 20 times harder to travel with. What for? What is this site and set about? it is not about waterdrops, mostly it is about model, IMO.


Rylsky *

That is not a third nipple which is a congenital abnormality.There was no lump in October set and there is a slighthint in November set.It is now growing.Possibly a sebaceous cyst or a fibroma.Mila ought to get it seen.

I would say you are correct ergo. Some photographers choose to remove it with the magic of Photoshop though....I've noticed it quite some time ago and had hoped she would have it checked too.

Is the smaller resolution number for the Mila set compared to the Norma set an indicator that the Norma set is more current? Pity about the awkward tattoo.

Mila is demomstrating she has the Hot blonde category sewed up since Iveta B retired.( I checked under all the names she uses,including Iveta Voladkova) I understand Iveta went back to Brno and got married. She hasn't posted anywhere since 2011. Mila is so hot she more than makes up the loss.

It's obvious that you are a more skilled researcher than I. Have you applied those skills to why we don't see more current sets of Francine A?

Is she growing a third nipple on her left breast?

payudara yang indah,vagina matang.

Oh..absolutely!!! ;o)

Mila is gorgeous and delicious!!! I would take a shower with her anytime!!!

Thank you for the close up with her arms up.

i would like to smell her panties

She certainly has one fine ass, gorgeous green eyes too.

Wow! Mila, the model with the perfect breasts, looks like she's finally growing her hair longer. FANTASTIC!!!!!

I love everything about this girl! Been a big fan from day one. A couple of great shots in this one but not a great set overall. Never crazy about shower scenes, but I've seen worse ones. And I'm always happy to see Mila, no matter where the setting.

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