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Beautiful girl! She looks really bored. Good photography.

I've always liked Mila...a lot! And always thought she was a bit on the thin side, but they don't get any more desireable that she is! I ran out of letters for her sets in my collection long ago, and working on doubles now. I'm very unhappy to hear that anything bad happened to this girl. Probably a good thing I don't know any details about an "incident" that she was involved in and/or was hurt in. But it sounds like "someone" needs a 'cap in they ass'!

Where's pictures of some girls with hair all look so young which is nice but very few natural

I'd love to eat her pussy for hours.

Now THERE'S a constructive comment about the 'set'...NOT!

In what way was YOUR comment constructive, Rockhard?

Too many of the comments on Met-Art are just sycophantic nonsense. It's refreshing to hear from Josh, who says what most of us actually think.

one of the very rare sets i like for Goncharov. Mila I is gorgeous. her pussy is gorgeous and delicious. her ass is incredible

No matter how pretty this model is or not, for me the more important is the quality of photograph itself.

For this photoshoot my comments:
The resolution is low and on Med res. it's grainy, the poor lighting has created a dull skin tone which is like a dead body. NOT Natural color tone.

So my total score of this shoot is 2 out of 10

Sorry for the low score but I have also seen here photo-shoots which are a full 10/10 just depends on the camera, photographer who wants to just submit something for the day or really in the mood to produce something really artistic {Grin}

She is a very beautiful model and is always attractive and seductive. It doesn't really matter, but I wonder if these are actually new or old/recycled. After the horrible incident when she was brutalized by that idiot politician's son, I've heard she has totally disappeared into privacy. These just don't have the snap that she had prior to being accosted. I guess I hope these are old and that she wasn't so affected by it all to no longer have the happy and free-spirited look that was so much her own. I do wish her the very best and hope that some day someone takes that idiot to the woodshed for real.

Are you referring to the Roman Landick incident?

Yummy, wouldn't kick her out of bed for farting.

Mila's perfectly trimmed bush and delicious pussy always look beautiful. Her long legs and amazing ass look equally beautiful. I do love the way her lovely natural breasts hang from her delicate frame. I do find her tattoos a bit distracting though. That being said, Even with the distraction of the tattoos and i have been able to look past them to see this girl's erotic beauty and im becoming more and more of a fan with each new set.

There are many great girls and also great photographers on Met Art. Mia is something else. And the different photographers did a great job to present her. Her face, hair and body and especially the expression of her face are great.
I am wondering why she end up that far below the scale.


I used to think Mila's tattoo was a crime. I am getting used to it and have moderated to unfortunate placement.


Beautiful gallery from Goncharov. Another Angel to marry immediately:-) Mila I sladkaja maja... Kisses all over sweety*****

A stunning beauty wasted on a lousy series.

would love to see some pics that were natural in color, these would have been great.

Mila is incredible , and Goncharov never disappoints the viewer I love his movies of Mila even more

One of the best photo sets ever! Simply marvellous!

Some great relaxed shots here with Mila displaying herself comfortably without any inhibition, absolutely fantastic, Goncharov rarely disappoints.

Goncharov almost always disappoints. He seems to be incapable of showing clear, in-focus, sharp, contrasty, correctly coloured-balanced pictures of those areas normally hidden between the legs.

If he is not going to show such picture, there really is no point in the model removing her underwear.

And there is certainly no point in employing a photographer who doesn't provide the sort of pictures that Met-Art uses to advertise the site.

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