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once again Leonardo thinks erotica is pussy, tits, ass, pussytitsass pussytitsass. I'm an artist damn it and I shoot what I know pussytitsass pussytitsass here we have a model with gorgeous feet wearing very sexy shoes and pussytitsass muddles every shot. blur blur oh shit blur again

Great photoset.
Very pretty girl.
Beautiful pussy, bum and feet.
Nice shoes.
More please

Most beautiful lady here ....I donnu why the fuck is she in 129 in the list

When she got the ugly belly tattoo she dropped a mile. She got trounced. Photos now spend much of the set with something over the spot.

Great photo set. Love it when she lifts her ass up and presents us with all her wonderful goodies, ie #108. She drives me crazy.

Then she kills me with a gorgeous facial, #128!

Does anybody know if this girl appears on hard-core sites?

I fear, Mila is to hot to become nurse. Some patients could have a heart attack. Any chance to get seconds for June?

She could melt an iceberg with her eyes, it´s one of the most beautiful woman I´ve ever seen.

I agree with everything said here! (except the "even with her tattoos" remark). Saves me a lot of typing too....;o)

Thank you Leonardo, for delivering this stunning set. Colors, poses, outfit, back-ground, all combine to make this a fabulous set, of the already well-documented beauty of Mila.

Image size has been tops for a while, but your work in close-ups in this set is outstanding.

I love Mila; beautiful face, legs, breasts and the most incredibly sexy pussy.

Mila has the hot blonde catagory totally sewed up!

Mila is an incredible beauty and her breasts are her finest feature, jaw-dropping. Good teamwork with Leonardo.

The perfect woman.

Mila is quite simply, stunning..

Her slim willowy body, long legs and languid gaze are a real turn on. Love to spend a lazy Sunday morning with this beauty...

Mila is a gorgeous blonde babe, with a really hot body!!! Great set!!!

Mila is so incredibly sexy I always save her set for last. I am not disappointed today.
The black stilettos are the perfect crowning touch.

Mila is so incredibly sexy I always save her set for last. I am not disappointed today.
The black stilettos are the perfect crowning touch.

Mila is very attractive. I hope this signifies a resumption of posing and isn't just an old unpublished set.


Wish there was a edit or delete button for your own posts on the Comments Page.

Yes, then rockhard could go back and delete some of his 17 posts from yesterday

LOL ;o) Not a chance...

I guess I WAS a little wound up yesterday... Gotta cut down on that coffee!! ;o) A bit more reserved today...

I love this lady , even with her tattoo's. One of Mila's better sets, thanks Leonardo

I love this lady, even with her tattoo's.

mila is gorgeous eye candy

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