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Milan will always rate a 10 with me.... such a devine pussy.

She is God sent

The good Dr. Headlopper was making his rounds of the Met-Art Institute of Dizzy Blonds. Dr. Headlopper was amazed at how many dizzy blonds they had. Beautiful blonds don't need belly/back tattoos or navel jewelry. How was Dr. Headlopper going to turn this beautiful but dizzy blond into a nurse he could use in his operating room. This tall, arrogant, dazzling beauty looks like she came off a assembly line in Japan. Where is her license plate for her butt. Her headlights look great but the blue eyed beauty is a little dizzy when it comes to what beauty is.
Dr. Headlopper needs nurse who are distraction free and can hand him the instruments need for a successful operation. The navel tattoo and jewelry is going to look pretty funny if Dr. Headlopper operation is successful. Dr. Headlopper would like to see nurse Mila in the operating room in her porcelain skin, beautiful blond hair and laser blue eye uniform she was issued before see went to the assembly line in Japan and got tag a sports model, all wheel drive, premium fuel only.
But as the title of The Good Dr. Headlopper implies this is only advise offered to a beautiful dizzy blond, one of the head nurse at the Met-Art Institute of Dizzy Blonds. There are plans to open wings for the beautiful brunettes, radiant redheads, ravishing raven haired beauties in the future.
From the desk of the good Dr. Headlopper

There's really not much more anyone can say about her tattoos. The one on her stomach needs to be relined by a good professional. Other than that, this is one of the better sets I have seen her in. Rylsky always does a great job.

Mila is beautiful...Rylsky is bullshit!

doggleboon, there IS one shot where she is pretty wet. I see some of you refering to picture numbers, I don't see them, but do have fun looking for the "wet pussy" shot (BTW it was not me who tagged it) Stunningly beautiful woman, a night with Mila would be heaven. The lighting is a bit harsh ("hard light") but a solid set anyway with a knockout model.

when you positioning mouse of your computer on any image without clicking - you can see number of photo in 1-3 seconds.

If you download the set you will find that the pictures are numbered.

Somebody tagged this 'wet pussy'. Why? I don't see any wet pussy.

Rylsky Art!!! Mila is really like a sweet chocolate cookie:) Naked or in white, red, black, green, yellow, blue or every other color she's a dream Angel... Kisses all over Mila, Angel of my dreams:-)

Mila is so sexy it is hard to find words to describe her..

She has the most beautiful face, a lithe, slim body, full round breasts and awesome pussy with deliciously prominent labia.

I could look at this gorgeous woman all day!

While it's not easy to for Mila to have an unflatering set, Rylsky proves it's not impossibe. There's no quesiton in my mind that he has shills that start any conversation regarding his work by throwing out undeserved accolades.

Just because someone has a different opinion than you, he/she is a shill?

I don't understand why some people find a need to criticize every opinion that is different than their own.
Why can't you simply state your opinion without being rude to others?

I like how this set progresses. Mila looks stunning in that white dress, and it is flattering to her curves. Then we get some upskirt teases and slow undress. Mila appears to have less makeup on in this set, which is fine, she really doesn't need it anyway. Nothing here but natural beauty and Rylsky brings that to us well.

Mila is just unbelieveably beautiful! And Rylsky is the perfect photographer to show it. This composition cannot be faulted for this purpose.

Truly a Ukraine goddess.

Truly an Ukraine goddess.

I need regular doses of Mila. She's just such an incredibly sensual woman. ( :

Mila is such a stunningly beautiful young woman. Such a gorgeous perfect hourglass shape. Absolutely wonderful to behold. Mila poses with such poise and grace. Great job! Best wishes Mila. You are wonderful.

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