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love this set stunning woman beautiful

Sexy model? Yeah and 7 out 10 body, but unfortunately photos resolution is so low that makes them worthless as far as saving them concerned. Low resolution makes them look like pictures out of a newspaper.

Mila is always the social pariah on Met-Art. But she has to be one of my most favorite models. Her and blondie Alysha. Man I always wait for these sets like a hound dog.

To add more, I'm thinking I might need to get a subscription to your site also.

I'm thinking you won't regret it...;o)

I must say today the comments were all over the place, from tats, an holes in panties, to Russia by way of Ukraine, a foray into Canada, to navel piercing, at least no one threw in, "How about da' Bears." (Sorry Ry, don't know how to make that last thing work for you... ) Damn it's nice having you back egging us on Ry... Thanks!

Well how ABOUT "Duh Bearss"!!! Another BIG disappointment!!

And I had to move into LIONS territory!! At least THEY'RE winning!! Too bad I find it impossible to root(?) for them!! :o(((((

The photos, and maybe the model, are very conservative, for that reason alone I can't rate either high, even though she is quite attractive and the photos are not bad.

To Mila only: I identify each set I keep by using the alphabet, and believe 26 is enough sets of any model. This set is now Z-5 for Mila... How many more Z's I will have I cannot say... I will never have enough Mila. I love every square inch! Thank you for such delight.

The Paradise Angel Mila is back!!! Her innocence is so adorable that She deserves a lot of Sweeties and Kisses all over:-) She's a really Ukrainian Dream. I have a big poster from Her in my living room, because I need Her beautiful Smile everytime... Thank You Rylsky for Your job. Now I go to eat a big plate of Ravioli with Bolognese Sauce and Chicken...

How to say "bon appetit" in Italian then?

Buon appetito:-)

Another beautiful girl, spoiled by a stupid tat....wtf?

So she has a couple of tattoos. Big deal. It's still Mila.

One mans trash is another's treasure. I happen to love her tat. It is narrow minded for you to call it stupid.

Piss off!!!

we all make our own decisions. some people call it "stupid". everybody free to feel good, I think some people call us all "stupid" because we are on erotic site now. who cares?

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

The thing to me about tattoos that's potentially bad is that you can't easily get rid of them if you no longer want them. You're "branded", possibly for life, by something you had put on at a time very different, perhaps, from where you're presently at.
In other words, if they were just temporary, like shaving or clothing, I wouldn't be against them. But for now I would strongly advise against a young person getting one -- same with navel-piercing -- unless they knew for certain they would never regret it. And how could they?
That said, you gotta make the best of it now, Mila. What does that tat on your back say? Why put it on if we can't know what it means?
Let me get out my is it Chinese/American dictionary... :-)

Doug, Most of the time with these type they tell us in means something like "Peace" "Serenity" etc. Now wouldn't be interesting if Mila's translated to "Fuck All of You!" On the piercings. The hole may be permanent or not depending several factors. But the choice of wearing jewelry in the hole is optional after the initial healing. In fact if you go to jail in America with a Prince Albert you must remove it before going into population. One of my bi-girlfriends also informed me that tongue piercing is actually better for pussy licking than dick sucking. Go figure...

wow...what details !!!

The benefits of having and listening to female friends... ( ;

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

Well, I'll be sure to get my tongue pierced, then :-)
Actually you know me, swp -- I like things natural as far as is reasonably possible. Can't beat natural, etc.
Until I'm convinced otherwise...

I like things natural as far as is reasonably possible.
I have never seen your portrait, Doug, but now I know at least that you have long hairs all over face (and body?)... mustaches - not only in November (as for NHL stars)? You look like hippies? do you never use optics for your eyes? sure, because it distract the natural beauty of your eyes.

or you talking bout the girls ONLY? what about nails, lipstick, powder, parfum? what about "implants" or whitening of teeth?

absurd? yes. but this is really YOUR choice when YOUR body "tuned" as YOU wish. Yes, I dislike tattoos, but let me live 2nd life, be a girl and choose it for MY FUTURE BODY... so sad I am Christian, no 2nd life with a body...

all i said was said with a smile. and thank you all for many interesting thoughts. even when I am wrong here - I am interested to read from all of you who are Gentlemen and Ladies.

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

Yeah, my hair's a little long, and I do have a beard. You could say I'm an old hippie :-)
As far as is reasonably possible :-)
And I do use glasses to read anything not on this big bright display :-) Somebody else's, actually.

Now, as far as girls go, well, as long as they don't airbrush, clone over, Photoshop their body hair,
they can do pretty much whatever they want. No implants, though!
Tattoos I'd advise against, unless they're removable :-)
Navel piercings, etc -- you get the idea :-)
No smoking either. Take care of yourself!

So now you know some of why I hold a certain one so high. BTW, I think she needs a good photographer :-)


  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

You would definitely not mistake me for the writer of Lucy in the Sky... :-)
Not even on acid, probably :-)

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

But thanks for the thought! :-)

And the great shot of him...

I can't stop myself imagine you as John Lennon with beard and...yes. round glasses... help me...stop me.

hippies are smokers.

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

Probably not that good-looking.
And these old glasses belonged to my dad -- not as chic as John's.
They're only for seeing things up close -- they blind me otherwise :-)

Long time ago I used to be a smoker. Of various weeds. Decided my lung capacity (and mental clarity) were more important.

However, there is no doubt the lessons of hallucinogens stay with you :-)

Missed Kess comment bfore doing mine but it just makes my point...

  • Kess
  • 9 months ago:

It says "tenshi," which means "angel" in Japanese.

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

Thank you for that!

What a treat to see your face and the look in your eyes, beautiful Mila. Thanks for appearing on the screen. I shall be daydreaming of you all day.

This set almost makes up for it being Monday today!

I think it makes up for it being December!!! lol

Mila I is a perfect 10.Ithink the fact her ears stick out a little is very cute. When she is rumpled on a bed like #112, she is a heart stopping beauty and to top it all. she has a lovely butt. Rylsky has done a perfect job of photography.

Mila I is a perfect 10.Ithink the fact her ears stick out a little is very cute. When she is rumpled on a bed like #112, she is a heart stopping beauty and to top it all. she has a lovely butt. Rylsky has done a perfect job of photography.

I think Mila's ears are adorable, seadog... ( :
Although one of the really nice things about this set is her hairstyle, which has more body than her hair usually does. It's a refreshing look.

Aaaaaahhhhh Mila... That would be, "Queen" Mila... thank you for granting your loyal subjects this intimate and long-awaited audience. Wearing pretty pink panties, no less.
It is a very good day in MetArt land for panties fans. ( :
Returning to Mila... the easy and effortless smile you wear throughout this set stands in such stark contrast to most of your sets lately. This set seems so spontaneous and playful, right down to the return to the "bottomless" look for the end of the set.
Your hair looks so divine, and did I mention your gorgeous smile?
Finally, image # 111 will haunt my dreams tonight.
Thank you for this delightful return, Queen Mila. ( :

I think Mila has it all over Virginia...

Is it Queen Mila (today)....or....Queen Virginia (yesterday)??? How can you be a loyal subject to both of them fer_realz???

I know your excuse already....Mila is from Russia, Virginia Sun is from Sweden or Poland.

Mila is from Russia
Mila I

Hair color: blonde
Measurements: 89/58/89
Height: 170 cm
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 52 kg

Sorry Rylsky (you too Roger), I wrote that Mila was from Russia without checking my facts.

Rachsback, I know that Ukraine is not part of Russia....never was actually (it was an SSR a "republic" within the Soviet Union).
One could debate throughout history the separation/status of Ukraine/Russia....starting with Kievan Rus, Golden Horde, Ottoman Empire, and the Russian Empire (including everything else in between).
I'm quite sure fer_realz understood I was being sarcastic....not critical.

No problem:-)

Thanks Roger:)

I think many people in America still think of the Ukraine as 'part of Russia'... Is this 'completely' incorrect?

Sometimes Russian politics (and some people as well) make it looks the same as ex-husband jealous to ex-wife, really. Sometimes I feel a shame when I see what Russia look like in relationships with Ukraine. You know what I mean - see TV news. I prefer to see we are brothers and friends.

same "correct" as bears are walking on Red Square and winter here is 12 months a year.
Every formed empire is partially same in all parts.
For Americans: Ukraine + Belarus + Russia are very close to Canada + USA.

Thank you. This is now clear to me.

Many bears in square,
and always winter thare...

I will try to remember this...;o)

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

It's easy to remember in poetry :-)

  • Neil
  • 9 months ago:

The connection between USA and Canada is nothing like the connection between the republics of the former Soviet Union. For over 200 years, Canada and the United States have been close allies but decidedly independent of each other. We have maintained the longest undefended border in the world. Since 9-11-2001, US citizens must have a passport to visit Canada, but that was to prove US citizenship upon return to the USA.

Neil, did you know that we invaded Canada during the War of 1812 and there was a long history of Americans desiring to annex Canada from the English Empire? So our 230 year history started out with hostility between us and Canada for some length of time.
As a matter of fact, it would be interesting to research how long it took for the hostility to dwindle to mere dislike, and then to morph into outright friendship...

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

...and back to mere dislike :-)

- 2 languages (UKR, BLR, CAN) - 1 lang (US RF)
- united sport leagues
- need no visas to cross the border

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

I took Rylsky to mean close relations, common language, shared Anglo history. Still, don't ask a Canadian to pronounce "out and about" unless they want to give away their country of origin :-)

Doug, this was bingo!

I thought she was from Ukraine:-)

Oh, that would be a silly excuse, as I live in neither Russia, Sweden nor Poland. ( : Although one set of great-grandparents came from Sweden...
Nope, they're both queens in their own right, and they both rule over MetArt Land and RylskyArt Land.
This is a matter of metaphysics which I am totally incompetent to explain; I simply know it is true in my heart.
( :
Long may Queens Mila and Virginia Sun rule!

(And yes, that is two queens in one week... interestingly enough, both shot by Rylsky... each completely deserving of her crown. Perhaps they rule adjoining lands?)

And perhaps they set in motion adjoining hands...? ;o)


  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

Navels don't need adornment, Mila. They are fancy and intriguing enough natural.
Some tattoos can be removed. You'll still be left with piercing scars, sadly.
I'd still like to know what the tattoo on your back says. It might be worth keeping :-)

I would like to know why you think she cares about your opinion...

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

I'd say it whether I thought she did or not. My message is for other people as well as her.

So what makes you think that WE care about your opinion?

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

Evidently you do, with a response like that :-)
IOW, are you speaking for everyone else? Or just a certain few?

LOL Right! Twist things as you like, but I still don't care about your opinion and quite certain Mila cares just about as much as I do. "might be worth keeping".... lmao!! I'm sure she appreciates your decision...;o)

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

It's not my decision until I know what it says :-)
Do we know what Mila thinks about what I said?
You're a tat defender and that's fine. Sorry to offend you. And I'm actually sorry if I offend Mila. I'm using her as an example and a cautionary tale. But that's the risk she runs when she gets tats and puts them on display here.

In fact, more than a "tat defender", I'm a "model defender" and am only offended when people presume to know anything about a model's life or the judgement they use when doing anything to their body. What they do to their bodies is entirely their business and should not be a subject of ridicule by any of us.
What they risk by being displayed here, is encountering people such as you...judgemental and closed-minded. Offending ME is not at issue here. Insulting Mila is. Thank you for apologizing to HER... I think we can lay this to rest now. (unless you'd like to insult me some more, and that's fine...I'm used to it lol)

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

I seem to recall you doing the same as you accuse me of doing with my favorite model -- you know who she is -- concerning her "French state of grooming" -- see Pikno.
But that's OK, Rock -- we pay to be offensive here. You might want to read what I actually said about tattoos, though.
And I am sorry if you have one you have second thoughts about :-)

In fact I don't have one, but have always entertained the thought of getting 'some'... I like to believe that it's the expense that has kept me from taking the plunge, but I have pretty sensitive skin and that adds to my trepidation... Mostly what I have "second thoughts" about is some of the comments I make here... I'm usually a very peaceful man, but... (lol) My apologies to all who have been subjected to my "assholishness". I'm pretty sure I know your thoughts about body hair and tats... And I actually have no idea who your favorite model is...sorry. I lose track of who has said what in here... I've sworn off commenting at all, a few times!! LOL Some day I'll stick to it! Or finally expire at the keyboard...lol

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

Hey, a little self-awareness never hurt any of us :-)
Sort of the antidote to self-deception :-)
I would say it's a common problem that yours truly has to face from time to time :-)
The price for having imaginations, I guess :-)

For me, highlights of this visit from Mila include her beautiful eyes in many of the pictures. I also like the sheer panties that don't really hide what is inside like in #25 and the exuberant smile from # 21.

Kudos to both Mila and Rylsky for this pleasant visit.

Mila never fails to impress with her poise and beauty, and Rylsky's photographs of her are certainly among my favourites.

It is only when I saw her against such pale surroundings that I noticed how pink her skin is (I would have said she was ivory skinned until now.)

Picture 75 - Mila is thinking 'Why yes, now that you mention it, I do have an absolutely gorgeous bum, don't I?' :)

  • Neil
  • 9 months ago:

Nihil, today would be a great time to join RylskyArt. Tomorrow, Rylsky will start the presentation of a week of all new models to celebrate the first anniversary of RylskyArt. And later this month he will present a week of all red heads.

My friend, I think any day is a good day to join Rylsky Art!

  • Neil
  • 9 months ago:

Mila is a remarkably beautiful young woman, with a perfectly shaped hourglass figure and an enchanting face. Such exquisitely beautiful blue eyes. I like her lovely bra and panties, but I am not sure if the hole in the back of her panties was supposed to be there. It seems strange that Rylsky and Mila would do the shoot with her wearing torn panties, but it gives her a natural average girl quality which is quite appealing. Perhaps it is time to visit Victoria's Secret. Maybe she will receive new lingerie for Christmas.

I am sure it is meant to be there - you can tell by the construction of the seams. A peculiar design, no doubt, but not an accidental rip.

I have to agree with nihil, I have no idea why it's there???....but it looks like it is supposed to be there:)

  • Neil
  • 9 months ago:

Yes, closer inspection reveals that the hole is designed to be there. At my age, I am not an expert on modern women's undies. But Mila's are very nice and she wears them well.

" closer inspection of the hole"


  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

Rylsky territory! :-)


A hole in the top of the back of panties seems to be a fad nowadays... I can't say I dislike it, as it does afford a tantalyzing glimpse of certain "territory" at the proper angle.
( :

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