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Just went through this set again and #43-48 the smoothest, cleanest, most delicate vulva ever! I would give anything to be that close to those lovely lips. It is a rare flower indeed. There is nothing about it that isn't awe inspiring. No discoloration, nothing in excess, and even spread wide I could still be convinced that it is virgin and untouched. I hate imperatives but this is the finest vulva I have ever seen. Even from just inches it is flawless and completely immaculate! Don't get me wrong. This is not the only thing I admire about Mila. I think she is quite spectacular from her naturally blond hair to her nicely manicured toes. Her face is lovely and her use of makeup is very tasteful and conservative. With the exception of that tattoo and a few moles this is flawless womanhood! Her understated elegance makes her a treasure to behold.

stop photoshop please

1/10 !

What photoshop? Please explain. I hear this over and over but I don't agree. If it were a glaring attempt to cover something I would chime in too but I don't see any clear sign of editing in this set.

Good Post hipshot, we have seen some real photoshop, haven't we.

Like Mia Sollis's back!

That is an ugly tattoo though! I have no idea what makes women do that. Guess they just get addicted to the pain. To me it's just plain gross.

I agree with hipshot. Mila is gorgeous........this tattoo is not a great enhancement to her belly, in my opinion. Nonetheless, Mila is drop dead, stunningly beautiful.

An exquisite beauty with a spectacular body and mind blowing explicit poses - thanks for sharing and come back again please

Great close-ups of Mila's extremely beautiful face. She really lights it up when she smiles or laughs. Then there are those like 4-6, 89 and 118 that are breath-taking, what a face. Also love all those photos of her sweet butt, so kissable. Lots of kisses for you Mila. Handshake for you Rylsky, great job.

ok, I am not her greatest fan, but she obviously had a lot of fun doing this set - and a pretty girl having lots of fun is attractive in a special and very profound way.

It's what makes a set for me and why I love Rylsky's work.

The Maestro's portrayals of Mila's pure Nordic/Aryan features have always been superb; but this one is a classic. Her naturally blonde hair glistens against a perfectly selected maroonish background without a hint of coloration is masterful. Her poses are completely uninhibited, and yet retain a sexual innocence that only Rylsky can properly presented. Can you believe this model still reflects the subtle idiosyncrasies of a eighteen year-old at the prime of her modeling career? A 10+!

Mila you make me so glad I am a MAN, thank you twice today.

Mila is,as usual,her incredibly beautiful self. The only thing I can't figure out is the little sticks she is playing with. As usual, Rylsky has used a perfect background. He also uses directional lighting to bring out various aspects of Mila's personality on the last pages. I can hear Caravaggio snickering in the background.

I was thinking some of the sticks are chopsticks, but I think the other one, the one she "kisses" is one of those candy/cookie sticks... the kind you dip in coffee or tea.

I almost forgot,did Mila set fire to her cornflakes to warm her teacup in hot 11? She is perfectly capable of it, specially when the left hand corner of her mouth starts to twitch. She is getting devilish then.

Too bad she has the hideous belly tatoo

Amen, Star. That starburst belly-button tat has got to be the most distracting thing, next to the full-sleeve monstrosities.

  • 2 years ago:

Absolutely gorgeous. The series of bum shots at the bottom of pg 4 are delicious.

When Mila is playful and relaxed, as she is in this set, she is at her best.

yes, beautiful pussy, its and so on... but.. look at this FACE! My goodness, is she beautiful!

Agreed. ( :

She is great!

Beautiful Doll Mila is a Dream as always. This set from Rylsky is very nice:-) It would be nice to take a cup of tea with this amazing Beauty. And as always, Mila is the perfect totally sweet Cookie for that:-):-):-) A box of Chocolate Praline Kisses to Mila...

Mila I & Rylsky.
Anything else?
No thank you.

This is a girl where there is no such thing as to many intimate closeups!

IMHO of course

Last time Mila was here Ry was still talking with us and we had a very wild and varied set of comments w/Ry at his best with egging it on. Damn I wish he would come back today! Mila is at her playful best today teasing and sharing all the way through. Good shots with tats exposed, good shots with tats hidden. So something for everyone. This must have been a fun shoot. Ry, we miss you....

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