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There are no words to describe her beauty. Lover her blue eyes.

I believe this merits a comment section for each photo.

How many images of Mila on MetArt -the network? Not enough time, just not enough time.

The blanket, the hooded jacket, the model -cozy and warm in the open evening air. Could our artist have done more with one model, one chair?

A bit of Roundup would do wonders for that plant in the corner. Yellow splotches on green leaves. I forget its name, but one of the ugliest plants cultivated. Photographer, why, oh why?

Mila at her uninhibited best and captured beautifully.
In image 59, she displays all of her ample talents with an attitude that is purely erotic. She has the ability to melt my heart and make my blood boil simultaneously.

Cheers, Dear Mila!

59. Not a slouch but a postural command.

I hear and obey. By your command.

(Warcraft 2, anyone?)

Exactly, you say? Praise, but no thumb?

I weep. I weep.

Exactly! Almost as if she is saying, "What are you waiting for?" or "What are you gonna do boy?" or "Do I really need to ask?"

The only thing sweeter than Mila's 'navel frame' tat, is that gorgeous ass, and the only thing sweeter than that gorgeous ass is that adorably sweet face.... This is the best set of photos of Mila in quite a while. Can't help but wonder how old it is... But regardless, it's a beautiful set! And an "over the top" beautiful model!!

An otherwise decent body ruined by that hideous tattoo! To each his own, but that is my view.

Her whole form is ruined from one tattoo? Indeed, how horrible her eyes look now, compared to before.

Agreed --

As for comment -- I've said it all before.

Top!so natural (not too musch photoshop)

Mila saves the Saturday set, that's why I saved her for last....

One of the best sets from Mila for a very long time.

Mila is her usual incredibly beautiful self. She wears cute legwarmers too.This is how to take pictures at night, I thought Voronin and Luis Durante de la Rosa Were the only ones who knew how.Mila, of course gets her 10++++ for sheer beaut and modeling skill

Very Beautiful, as she always is.

Mila is very sexy, always have been. Are those new pictures?

It is always a thrill to see Mila. That look in her eyes keeps me dreaming for hours. The nude pictures are nice, but I am perfectly happy to just look at her eyes, to watch her smile.

A perfect 10, would love to see natural skin color.

Thank You Leonardo for this nice Set:-) We can't live without Mila:-) We hope all that this Dream Beauty will be a Model for Met-Art for a long time... Thank You to exist beautiful Butterfly... Maria, we need You so much, Your Beauty and Your Smile leave breathless... You have a lot of Fans around the World and they all need You:-):-):-) Sweet sweet Kisses to You, Girl of the sweetest Dreams...

Mila: yummy.... Mila in a smiley good mood ~ EXTRA yummy!
Three thumbs up for this set. ( :

And 5 for you, so far.

Mila is so very beautiful and so very seductive. We just saw her on RylskyArt a few days ago. She never disappoints. It is always so very nice to see her.

I would give anything to have a girl like this.

Would that "anything" include your first born? Or do you mean anything in your pants pocket?

I suspect that goes for about 99% of us, nelith! ( :


If possible to pass on to 'Mila'
Ms. Korshunova, you are incredibly beautiful, and very much 'the girl next door'. I saw your interview a couple of years ago and I am just curious if these are new, that is, have you returned to modeling? I hope so. In any case, I respect and support you decisions. You are very special.

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