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Thank you Leonardo! This really by far the best set of pictures of Mila, what I've seen so far. Really sharp!! Our Mila looks so elegant and seductive in this pink underwear ... Since you can only dream ................ I love her!!

sweet sweet Mila no complaints here simply stunning love the photos of this stunningly beautiful woman

This couldn't be one photographer behind all of these beautiful models at the Leonardo studio. The ups and downs, ebb and flows, and varying qualities of these galleries is unbelievable, - some of the galleries reflect a high degree of professionalism, while some are clearly below standard and borderline amateurism. What's going on? Why the inconsistency? Or are there different editorial touch-ups? What's the deal? This has been going on for years!

Best from Mila in a long while, softened image with the curls helps. The tattoo is part of Mila, if you don't like it move on and don't open the set.

Sorry but I think we've seen enough of this tattooed lady...or is that Lydia!

If you like it not, why are you looking at then go here and fill such a stupid comment? There are enough other. You must also not appeal to everyone, it is sufficient completely to their fans ...

Yeah --

I keep expecting "the wreck of the Hesperus, too".


I want you Mila! Thanks for the sexy pink nightgown and filling it in so well.

"Pretty in Pink" is our gorgeous MetArt "Poster Girl"!! I like the curls... I love the tat... I love everything about this woman!! Mila oozes confidence and sensuality... Truly a dream weaver!! A Goddess beyond compare! And I love to hear that she "kicks ass"!! ;o))

I have to admit there is some appeal for a woman that can defend herself. Perhaps it is the contrast - tough when she needs to be, yet still sexy and womanly.

Mila's face is as sweet as Southern iced tea!

Mila has a fabulous face, a fantastic body, and a overhand right that would make the Klitchko brothers proud.(if you saw the security vid of the jerk that attacked her.He was still the proud possessor of a black eye when she took him to court. Its up under her real name, Maria Korshunova)I keep everything she has done on Met as she is so perfectly beautiful. I love what she has done for Rylsky and Erro. She is very sexy because she can be tough when she has to.Its the reason I worry sometimes,since she wants to be a nurse,you know she'll be out trying to help the injured if the fighting comes her way.I had to give Mila a 10++++ she's too beautiful not to.

P.S. I know some shots are repitious,but we need all of Mila we can get.

I don't mind a little repetition, but I would have liked to have seen a few rear shots today. This is something Leonardo needs to work on, to include the backside of his subjects a tad bit more.

Amen to butt cheeks.

Should have said a few more rear shots. There were only a few (6/163).

I have always found this young lady sexy! This set is outstanding as usual!

Very nice Set Leonardo!!! Mila is back, and I'm totally happy!!! My dream is to be with Mila, embraced with Her and watch together a beautiful sunset on a dream beach on the notes of the song "Forever and for always" by Shania Twain... Maria is the perfect Mermaid:-) Thank You to exist Mila, sweet kisses to You and come back soon, please:-) I'm waiting for Your next Set...

Wonderful Mila !
Bravo Leonardo !
A perfect set.

I find that the tattoo disfigures the nice navel of Mila.

What a great set of this willowy yet full breasted beauty.

Mila is very beautiful and so incredibly sexy - always facially and physically so inviting....I love this woman!

Beyond belief!

Extraordinary masterpiece at all points!

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