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Thank you Rylsky for Your Job!!! Mila is back and I'm totally happy about Her:-):-) I'm already waiting for Your next Set Mila, because I need You very much... Your angelic Smile is breathless!!! All of You is angelic!!! Kiss kiss all over dream Mermaid:-)

beautiful young woman. shame about the tats

I just fell in love! with perfection. If Carlsburg did girls!

Gorgeous and delicious as usual!

Her Beauty increases with age!!!!

I love this free-spirited wild child! Such youthful energy Mila has!
I have to say that I give in...bring on the bathroom sets, but only if they look this good. The brightly colored walls in the vast majority of "facilities", provide the perfect lighting, provided any furnishings don't interfere. This was very well done. Mila looks delicious as always..but is four thousand photos of her already, enough to keep me happy.... I don't think so. This angel's comin' with me! ;o)

Would love to see Mila I!

Mila shows a wide range of expressions and personality in this set. The portrait shots are nice, especially the ones where she pulls her hair back.

The supremely beautiful Mila in the grand master bathroom of an elegant hotel suite. Perfect! And she finishes the set at the antique piano in the great royal gold and white room, my favorite Rylsky location. Dressed or nude Mila is absolutely gorgeous and oh so very very sensual. The portraits of her face are so enticing and intoxicating.

The piano in the set is an antique J. Becker. Mr Becker manufactured pianos in St Petersburg during the second half of the 19th century. He also had a factory in Riga, Latvia. Damn, I wish I could get out of this chair and travel again.

Inform me please when you get your tickets. I will try to meet you there and I will recommend some dinner together in some very good places with exclusive cuisine that you'll never forget. As example, traditional Armenian restaurant, I bet you never knew this food.

I truly wish I could travel again. But my traveling days are behind me. I have tried Turkish cuisine but never Armenian.

not a surprise, really, that's why I highly recommend to try it - it is rare cuisine Restaurant. And this restaurant is awarded, nobody of my models and friends was disappointed after this dinner. You're my friend, so you're welcome.


Looks delicious. The Trip Advisor rating make the restaurant seem wonderful. This explains why the models look so gorgeous and so happy when you do the shoots in St Petersburg. :) It is surprising that the models don't gain weight while there. Perhaps I can find an Armenian restaurant here in the States.

Mila is always gorgeous with that body.I always have a fantasy with that double nipple on her left breast.

Lovely lady, Great body, A nice roomy bath and well shot! I am sure there will be comments about her never being naked and may I be the first to say I don't like the knee highs but It is still a nice set. When she unleashes that smile it really lights up her face but she is stingy with it. Still all and all it is quite pleasant.

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