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Mila is at the top for many of us viewing MetArt. She has a super body, great looks, natural skin tones and as some of us know, this all happens with a background for contrast and a top Photographer like Rylsky! Thank you for giving us these great photo shoots, we love to see the sessions start with close ups of the face with clothing on, and as another comment above said, we LOVE how you change things, such as adding the photo of Mila wearing the purple T-shirt, one of the best here!

TERRIBLY over used photo shop. The girl looks like a corpse. Her skin looks like a dead human skin. Sorry.

Thank You Rylsky for this Set:-) ♥Mila I♥? The most beautiful Goddess of Beauty from Head to Toes, Miau!!! Come back soon ♥Mila♥, please ♥ ♥ ♥

I see a few exceptional shots, along WITH the "head chopping", but overall I'd have to call this "Generic Mila"...

Rock, I see what you mean in #13, for example. I wonder how much of this head chopping is done in post-production to fit a certain size? I ask because it seems that many photogs have done this.

"Many photogs" belong at McDonald's! I seriously doubt that this is "post" production. Regardless, it's not at all "professional".
And yes...you're right!, many of them are guilty of this, and appear to believe it's not an issue.

The shadows are very stupid and annoying. Very bad and amateur photography.

we are very sorry for stupid photos and shadows. i need to be wise and change this World. teach me please.

Exceptionally good ... extremely engaging ... powerful.

Milan is both beautiful indoors and outdoors.


A very beautiful photo set. Hard to screw things up when you have Mila as the model. Love how there were B&W thrown in every so often. But I can't help but stare at what I consider the most beautiful shot of the whole set, #59. Mila is jaw dropping, breathtaking beautiful.

This shoot just concentrates on how beautiful Mila is, and it does a magnificent job. This is a masterpiece. I could have wished for many more shots, but Mila has to rest sometimes. I do wish, like many others, that Rylsky would shoot some movies of Mila. The ones she has up are great, but I think that since Rylsky makes some great movies, his movies of Mila would be masterpieces, like this set. I gave a 10+ infinity

What Rylsky's done with the shadow play in this set is absolutely marvelous. The interplay of the shadows and Mila's fine, pale skin and light blonde hair coupled together with shirt color that blends into the background color, virtually leaves Mila awash in light, glowing colors. If there were no other shots beyond the first 20, I'd have been happy with the set.

So this is really great, this photo set! I agree with "_fer-realz_" only. Rylsky and Mila, you have again produced a super great photo set. I always knew that Mila has many facets that it shows again and again, but that's wirklcih the culmination of creation. Nothing is exaggerated, but of course everything in its perfection in this unique goddess ...

Please much more of this grace and beauty .... If I would not have it already, I'd addicted of this angel are ..... Thank you ...

As with so many other models who work with multiple photographers, Rylsky is the one who captures Mila's unique personality the best. Ironically, given that it is not an "erotic" shot, the picture of her in the purple t-shirt is actually my favorite of the set in that it expresses her personality so well.

so... you have talked to her in person? or where do you get that 'personality' stuff?


You don't see ANY personality in these photos?
I don't understand how you could not... but then, I'm not you. ( :

we are changing all-life-thru, VGER.

yes, personality changes too. we try to be variable with Mila in our photoshoots and we try to please you and your tastes as variable as possible

personality? where to get it? NOWHERE.
I bet, Adi Hitler was a nice little boy most of the time and I bet Albert Einstein sometimes was not good for parents or teacher... But you think you know their personality, right?

Milas personality ?? Quite simply ..... Naughty !!! She always knows what she wants and goes even so, despite many misgivings of friends their way. It can be Stubborn, but kindhearted on the other side and sweetly in her look with these captivating green eyes and charming smile that can melt one. Innocent, as they could not do anything unjust, but at the same time it has only stupid in the head ... But if something does not fit you, then they can be merciless ...

But she goes her way .... Not big, but certainly their own way. Is not that right Mr. Rylsky ???

Why would you have to meet her to see personality? They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and if so, you will see more than a beautiful unclothed young woman in these photos.

Rylsky is one photog here that has a particular talent for allowing his subject's personality to show through. Through his working relationships with his subjects, they are more relaxed and able to be themselves. I have never met Mila, but I can tell from the summation of her sets more than just her physical features. That is where you get the "personality stuff."

Even more watch her videos. Do some simple internet looking. Watch her BBC interview. This is a very grown-up, articulate, worldly and motivated young woman. She obviously incredibly sexy and beautiful. But she is also smart, business wise self assured and a very complete person. I think (hope) she is one of the few in this genera that becomes a true international star.

Well said. I don't myself have the feeling that "erotic" shots are inherently better, though, and in fact I mostly don't make a distinction. In everyday life it's all part of the same set of experiences.

In a narrower sense, though, the erotic shots are also expressions of personality, and they wouldn't mean much otherwise. And conversely, exactly because the purple t-shirt picture expresses Mila's personality so well, it's erotic. Think of how you'd respond in real life if you saw her that way; she'd be more real to you, and you'd want her. (The t-shirt would actually be a plus, but I digress.)

It might be pure chance, but for months I've noticed that on any given day, three of the four sets seem to have something in common -- theme, setting, body type, or whatever. Today, for example, three sets emphasized portraits. Maybe it's finding patterns where there aren't any, but it always leaves me wondering if K intended things that way. Anyway, three cheers for K. She's made Met-Art more consistent and much better overall.

Agree. The 'T-Shirt' type shots are awesome. A really refreshing statement that this is a real woman, she shops and plays and goes around town. Just waiting for the day to see her on the street and simply say Hi. BTW I am not stalking here from the frozen streets of Saint Paul. LOL Really enjoy her beauty, quality and freshness.

Great observations, Fred! Thank you.
I totally agree about K, she's doing an amazing job. ( :

I have to think that there is some coordination of the set selections by K, at least part of the time. Anyone could pick four random sets every day to post, but to find commonality and balance against themes, photogs, models, and other factors takes some thought. I like seeing people give her credit, for I agree with you that she keeps Met filled with consistently high quality content.

  • 1 year ago:

Fred2 and Kilroy,

I am so happy that the arrangement of the publications is pleasing. I do take great time in deciding what should be published and what sets will work on a given day. My goals are to appeal to every member with at least one set per day. Of course there are days where some will be ecstatic and others feeling left out. I hope that most of our members share your sentiments :)

maybe we can ask K for thematical days? how about REDHEADS DAY on St Patrick Day?

  • 1 year ago:

Hi Rylsky!

Its funny you should mention that because it has definitely crossed my mind. I thought we would even have a "new models" day where all the girls are new. We will talk :)

Awesome idea, K, I really like it. ( :

me too!

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