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We need to see a video of her please!

I want this woman, there are no if and or buts, this woman is mine..... supreme lady is she, knows how to handel her body, presents herself supremely.
I have done died and gone to heaven with her presentation of self.

I think I just died and went to heaven!

BEST!!!! PUSSY!!! EVER!!!!!!!!!! Okay the rest of her is pretty fine. I mean PERFECT. But that Labia....OH YES!! Right up there with Dominika. I'd like to see the two of them in a Labia contest!!

Absolutely Perfect Tits !

setting? awesome. A story is being told without words
the face? not bad at all
oh.. breasts.... niiiice...
ah, some feet pics... greaaaargh YELLOW TOENAILS *almostbarfs*

Yes, I must agree, somewhat with the "feet pics" comment. Mila does need a pedicure. Maybe before her next set, Matiss can suggest to Mila " Honey you deserve a pedicure, MA can even pay for it, enjoy!"

Eyes: check, mouth: check, boobs:check, ass:check, pussy: check, legs, hands, feet... Check... This woman is perfect... Wonder why theres ppl not rating her 10! :)

oh lord jesus that's some labia!

Labia is plural; THOSE ARE some labia;)

What an amazing specimen of a woman...it doesn't get any better than Mila...


What an amazing specimen of a woman...it doesn't get any better than Mila...

My gawd. Incredibly... flawlessly... everything all in one.

The most sexy, most built, most stunning woman in the world today.

Like the Pagani Huayra of human females.

Whoa, she broke the clock.


Thank you! Yes, you're correct about the decapitations and hacking off body parts with the camera.

Straight on (no tilted camera) full-length (not hacked off at the knee or head) whole body shots, taken with a high-res camera (well lit with and no blur) is where it's at! If this site, or any other, could do that more often, they'd have me as a daily member for life instead of a few times a year.

Mila is a goddess and this is a wonderful set. Her breasts and nipples are unbelievable. Good job Matiss.

"I lost my ass in a poker game last night!"
Up to now, I used to think that was just a figure of speech. But something must've really happen to Mila since June! Over one hundred photos and not one shot of this beautiful girl's glorious bum! WTF! I guess she had a butt-ectomy, or something!

This is my favorite adult site, but I find MetArt photography extremely frustrating. The majority of the photos show nothing &/or lots more with extreme body parts closeups. Add to that many pics are repetitive & others just zoomed in.

i fully agree. photography in Met Art is deteriorating very rapidly. i have sent my comments repeatedly with no response. most sets have very bad resolution. other sets the model is fully nude only towards the end of the set

and of course the model must be completely naked all the time. Because a piece of clothing might cover a mole you desperately need for your masturbation fantasy?

seriously guys...

'I need more pussy' 'I need more hair' 'I don't like unshaven pussies' 'more pussy'.... *yawn*

I doubt you'll get a response to anything other than a technical complaint about site mechanics.

Met is too busy acquiring sites and making a futile attemp to corner the porn market.

My complaints about ridiculously low download speeds have gone unheeded.

hm, I can't complain about download speeds.

Wow! Beautiful face! Awesome body! More of this Beautiful woman, please!

Something that bothers me that I haven't mentioned before now, but this is the time... I despise 'full' or even 'half' (torso) body shots that "decapitate" the model. It happens a lot, and all the 'artists' do it and I don't like it a bit. Unless a specific part of the model's body is being focused on in a shot, it makes no sense whatever, and in my mind indicates a certain amount of disrespect for the model. Pic 124 is a perfect example, along with a few others in this set. Mila's a beautiful girl, but this set is mediocre imo.

well, I see it as a story to be told. You see her, you close in.. you stare at here breasts and not her face....

and so these shots do make a lot of sense.

"I" stare into her EYES... And she appreciates that since 95% of the men she encounters are doing exactly that...staring at her tits! I still see it as "photographic decapitation" that makes NO sense!

also pic 124 is of very bad resolution out of focus. i could not see her nipple.

extremely bad photograpy

Agreed --

The face -- and the expression -- are essential to creating the sexual appeal of any given shot.

I agree with Ingoodtaste. When a woman has a beautiful face and eyes, highest quality breasts, nipples, and areolae; plus a world class pussy, it is nice to see all that in one photo. Close ups have their place. I like to see the entire model. Mila is superb!

Add toned and sculpted arms and legs and a taught abdomen, and you've got perfection.

Wish the set poses were better, however, model was beautiful!

Mila is the embodiment of a perfect woman. Mila's face is so beautiful, especially those ocean blue eyes and her body, wow! More Mila soon please.

Luscious nipples, sweet pussy, adorable.

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