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Mila, stay there on that bed.Let me first close the bedroom door so the doors of heavens start to open on me. Wear that dress again. Look at me with those heavenly green eyes, oh, enough, Let me kiss your toes, one by one, let me go up, one centimeter by one centimetre. OMG, the taste of paradise. Now let me take everything off. Let me ogle your naked body once more, that's enough, I cant take it any more, enough fanning out the fire of desire that overcomes my whole soul. Let me extinguish all these flames. Let me love you for eternity, Mila.

Mila has beautiful feet.

Your damn right she does!

Great tits, great lips!! She has got it all!

maybe she could use the money she makes with this set and see a doctor.

Such a pretty lady, as long as she keeps her panties on.

Milla, Ви приголомшливо красиві! Солодка, красива Леді, Ти так сексуальна! У вас є Найкрасивіше обличчя, що я коли-небудь бачив! Такі прекрасні очі! Така мила усмішка!Чудова груди і соски! Ваші соски є настільки великими! Ваша велика, ідеально кругла попка! Мій член росте жорсткий , дитинко! Фантастичні, сексуальні ноги! А потім ви відкриваєте свої фантастичні, сексуальні ноги і показати його! O дитинко! Дитяча лялька! Так! Красиві! А у вас є найдивніше статеві губи який я коли-небудь бачив!! У мене ерекції зараз! Дорога, Просто тримайте ваші гарні ноги відкривати і дайте мені поглянути на ваші великі, гарні губи кицьки! Які красиві кицьки! Я жорсткою для Вас! У мене вирує жорсткий для вас зараз! Я хотів би бачити вас прийти відкрито! О Дорога, я знаю, що ви хочете розповсюдити відкрите вашої кицьки! Milla дорогий мила леді, Будь ласка, відкрите вашої напрочуд гарна кицьки для мене! Спасибі, дитинко!


One thing I don't like about met art is that half of the pics the models face away looking to nothingness. For me it's the biggest turn off. What is the purpose of making Mila looking the walls instead of facing the camera (and us)?

Make the models look directly at the camera!!!!

that would be very, very boring!

I really like the shots of Mila's breasts from straight on, or slightly above. Often large breasted women are shot from the ground up, or with the shoulders covered by the model's hair, as if nipple to shoulder distance must be minimal. Let them droop! Some of the best things in life are things that flop around! Those photos are fun.

*yawn* A very boring & pedestrian set of one of my very favorite models. I'd go into greater detail, but I need to take a nap.

sweet grapes.

Mila is gorgeous, elegant, erotic with awesome breasts. Her skin is a work of art. Her face elegant, eyes captivating.

Beautiful model... LAME set

I couldn't dream up a more perfect fantasy girl. Would love to see her in a video or three featuring her perfect titties and mouth watering labia. Keep her coming back Metart.

Perfect set. Best women. I want to see more with this pretty cat. Sexy poses. Mila / Matiss / 10 / 10.

This woman is almost perfect, beautiful right down to the ground. I want to pay tribute to her, because she is so goddam gorgeous. That said, I bump right up against my aversion to huge labia. I hope one day I will find her pussy and anus as lovely as Myshkin does. Right now, I just can't, and it's fucking infuriating. Much as I'd like to, I can't give her a 10.

im a fan of her big labia. It gives her a uniqueness and her pussy some character. It's just more to enjoy down there. Not every woman can pull it off, but she wears it well....

Matiss sure makes us wait for the good part near the end!

The title cover is nice, but contents are.......
MetArt of today looks a gleaner.

Go to SexArt. There's more sex, but here beautiful erotica. It's GOOD!

Yes, I am also a regular vistor of EA and RA, SA and Femjoy irregularly. In my view,some of recent MA's are behind them in focusing, contrast of colours or ensuring contours of models with lights and shades. Then, I am no perfectionist. I do not always request a perfect. But when my memories ( educated through many fine sets) feel a fragment of ....how to say, reluctance(?) or make-shift work(?) in a set, I can not enjoy it so much.

Sweet perfection. Amazing eyes, exciting curly labia and such a cute anus. Red hot poses, too. You MUST make a video to show us those perfect breasts in motion.

Ditto Myshkin. Holy sensory overload! What a sex goddess! perfect woman....

How about to see those majestic labia in motion as well?

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