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she is indeed pretty but I am not sure about her sex part. I shouldn't judge but I am sure there is something can be done to solve that problem since we are in the plastic sergeon era.

She is a work of art. Beautiful whites she's wearing too. Nice, how she slips out of her blouse. Good work, Mila and Matiss.

Absolutely stunning model, in wonderfully sexy lacey stockings. Mila is a delight. Amazing pouting pussy, and simply divine breasts. Goddess!

pretty as long as she keeps her legs closed.

I just don't understand why the stocking don't come off at some point. Half on then half off and everyone would be happy. I am one those oddballs that prefers skin to fabric so this set was useless for me.

Oh how I would love to lick that meaty butthole!

Beautiful woman, horrid photography!

Magnificent mams!

She is so fine, however, a few great poses do not over shadow the many that have failed to meet its goal.

It's interesting how tastes differ, because not only is Mila totally gorgeous, which I think we all agree, but personally I find those lips and that amazing curly anus a huge turn on. Hmmmmmm ....

Maybe just me, but every time I see those lips I get a hankering for a nice roast beef sandwich! Anyone with me... chow time!

Mila is just so awesome! She defies all classifications, labels and categories. She is, in my humble opinion, a most beautiful woman. I love every inch of her. Matiss, I thank you and Mila for a fantastic set. 10+++

Malignant tumor ? Really ? Dumb-ass! Gift from heaven above would be a better explanation of her marvelous pussy. I would beg her to touch, fondle and lick her pussy. 10 indeed.

Mila is stunning from head to toe, such a beautiful woman. I love this set, especially pictures #47 & #48.

Mila is breathtaking, blessed with a top-to-toe physical perfection that beggars description. I don't think if known more than tiny handful of women in my (excessively long) life that match her for sheer physical beauty. I do so want to give her an automatic 10 every time she shows up, but then I collide with the pictures of her labia, and I'm stopped cold. She is the one MetArt model more than any other who rekindles my psychological aversion to large labia (too many bad memories of Wife No. 2). Mila's pussy just seems like a malignant tumor to me. Sorry, but there it is.

Sailor, the simple solution to your aversion to meaty pussy lips is to let ME have them. I will devour them! Problem solved. Oh, wait- she's half-way around the world, damn!

The first part I agree with, the second part I do not. A bit harsh Sailor.

I don't like it myself. It certainly wasn't meant to be malicious. That's why I went out of my way to acknowledge Mila's beauty. The problem is with me, not her. I probably won't be posting any more comments about her until my aversion vanishes It's not fair to her. I've made similar posts on a couple of occasions in the past in an effort (partially successful) to generate discussion. Ironically, I started out loving Wife No. 2 and her pussy. But by the end, going down on her had become almost nauseating. That was 30 years ago, and the aversion—both to her and her pussy—is still with me. Who says sex isn't a psychological phenomenon?

Oh I know from personal experience sex is a psychological thing. What is that proportion they used to quote about running marathons... something like, "5% physical, 95% mental" ?
I think sex is definitely the same... though I should stipulate far more pleasurable than running a marathon. ( :

To paraphrase Yogi: 95% of sex is half mental.

Nobody had the gift that Yogi had! OMG that is hilarious.

Sailor; I thought this conversation was getting too deep for my simple brain...then I read Manuel Du's comment below. More deep please and far, far less "meaty butthole. Don't stop commenting Sailor, intelligent comment is nothing to be worried about.

Thanks. The problem is that I have broken my own rule about not saying negative things about the models. If I don't post a comment about a girl, it means that I don't dig her. I figure that if a woman has the courage to put herself out here, we shouldn't be tearing her down. The hell of it is, I really do dig Mila, except for that little matter of what's between her legs.

But there's hope. I'm slowly becoming less finicky on the pussy front. After about my third or fourth time through sets of Candy Rose, my mind opened up and my opinion of her went into orbit.


Damn you always use CAPS.

Oh c'mon Favorito... like that really hurts anyone or anything. Isn't there anything important/relevant to complain about?

a2m2 almost always uses all capital letters, but his/her comments are also always positive....so the capital thing is really no big deal is it?

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