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this girl is simply put fantastic

Let us not forget "frequency" --

The more sets published om a given model means more votes -- which could move her up or down the scale.

ROFL I'm quite entertained by this "social club" that has evolved from a comment board, and the lengthy discussions of the silliest things... The only one missing today is rags... You guys have way too much time on your hands...lol ;o)

It was a holiday.....yeh where were rags and sailor

Oh! I forgot to throw my two cents in on this/these sets today...

Same reaction as with RA today...

Thanks to everyone who commented today. It was good start to the new year to see a vibrant spread of opinion on an issue that in one way or another affect all of us. Almost every comment, thoughtfully expressed a "good" opinion. On all sides, and no attacks from either side. Well done. Hopefully a sign of things to come in the new year...

Please Mila open those beautiful pussy lips to reveal your inner beautiful as well!!!!!

Plain and simple- Dat Ass.

Best bod on the website? Give a "thumbs up" if you agree!

Mila has a lot going for her as one of those full-figured beauties here. That is what I like about her - full breasts, legs, butt, and of course those majestic full labia. I think she is attractive facially with pretty eyes and full lips.

I wouldn't call this set uninteresting, but there is only so much you can do in the shower/bathroom setting. BTW, holding the sprayer on herself down there, I hope they let her finish ;-O I think that Matiss was just trying to do something different with her, but it just doesn't appear inspired. It is a satisfactory set IMO, but as hipshot wrote today on another set, nothing to write home about.

Mila is a pretty girl with a great figure and I will look at her pictures anytime. I think the problem we are dealing with is beauty versus good looks. This is why Mila I, Sofi A and Indiana/Belle are top models, We are not stating the difference between the girls looks, hair eyes, figure, and so on from the girls personality. Mila I, for example is not terribly beautiful physically, but her attitude, her modeling persona, is so beautiful you can't take your eyes off her.

Well I am not getting pulled into the ratings games. I love this model and look forward to her shoots being published. If the comos was insane enough that she ended up at my side then I would praise God everyday for being blessed.

4 beautiful babe updates in 2 days, this is indeed a Happy New Year.
Brand new Leana A, with a bod for much Met Art potential;
Mila M, OMG all those delicious curves (have to admit I sense Botox lips though); Semmi A, Sexy night gown, perfect breasts, babe with an awesome wild bush; Violla A, cant miss her electrical Redhead spirit, that fine bod, and that oh so tempting pussy.

I think you're right about the Botox—in fact, your remark focused a vague problem I've had with Mila's face the last couple of sets. That upper lip is almost certainly inflated (definitely not "enhanced") It's a shame. She's 22 or 23, fer chrissake, still practically jailbait, but she's well on her way to looking like those aging actresses and models clinging desperately to youth as it slips away. I'm going back to look at Violla and Leanna.

No offense guys, that would be "collagen" in the lips. Botox is what they use to paralyze facial muscles to "erase" wrinkles.
Not quite sure what the result would be if it were injected into lips, but it would NOT be attractive in the least. ( :

Error acknowledged. Opinion unchanged. Impressive that you would be so familiar with the esoterica of plastic surgery. : )

Ha ha!
Have you ever seen the reality TV show "Big Brother"? The winning contestant in I believe the 3rd season was an obnoxious plastic surgeon ("Dr. Will") who'd injected his own forehead to prevent the formation of wrinkles. Every time I saw his perfectly baby-smooth forehead it creeped me out just a little...

2 wonderful pics allow us to admire Mila's wonderful breasts and marvelous nipples !!!
Please more breats closeups


  • 2 years ago:

This might be my favorite set of Mila. Very curvy. And somehow, I have never noticed how amazing her eyes are until now; ice blue, with an inner ring of hazel.

As most of you know I very seldom ever post a negative. My friend Sailor both feel that the Old saying, "If you don't have anything nice to say, shut up..." So far with Mila I have only posted, I think, once and that was a reply to Sailor. But please do not read this as an attack on Mila, she is overall a very pretty girl and fully deserving of being on the site, BUT, IMO she is not a TOP model. She got a fantastic score on her intro. set., (9.27) but since then only one has got over a 9. And that just barely. She normally gets high 8's. So how does she end up with a personal score of 9.27. She actually is one of the models that looks almost better clothed. And clothed she is great. She has in comments a strong support from group of about ten that always rave, and only a very few detractors. IMO her lady parts are some of the least photogenic on the site. Others have commented on her anus, and overly full lower lips. I have not but I would agree. Matiss is current No. 16, and while IMO he is no Ry, or Catherine, and Erro is still at the top even though he has not posted here in almost a year, so his work with her is acceptable and in some sets creative. But IMO nothing spectacular. One thing I have bitched about is the rating system, even though Ry has told me to forget it. I haven't bitched since he chided me, until today. (Happy New Year.) I personally don't get into most shower sets anyway but to me this is a boring set. It will be interesting to see how it rates. It has been suggested that those of us with the attitude I first talked about, i.e. "shut up" that we refuse to artificially give low ratings because we have seen them abused against certain artist and girls. So we don't vote. In a private e-mail the powers to be explained there opinion on the scale. In there opinion 8 is a good score. But something is screwy here. IMO this young lady is NOT a TOP model. Again I apologize for the long winded rant.

Great job, model, pose, light, adjustment. Work done perfectly. If you don't like, just keep still. I really like this set and work by Matiss. Model turns me on and this is the main thing in the work of the photographer. What a stupid criticism began to appear in the comments at the address photographers from specific people.

Swp not being mean, but I have to agree with you about her having the least photogenic lady parts after seeing this set. I agree with Markusluv about the botox too. I prefer shaved or trimmed to hairy and petite, symmetrical labia to large labia. Guess I am just a product of the 80's Playboy era where every model seemed to have perfect labia. Lol. Playboy has changed it's philosophy on this in recent years. These are my preferences and rate models with these qualities higher. I am with you about not giving models artificially low ratings, although I think we are in the minority here. I have no doubt that some members do give artificially low ratings if the model does not fit their vision of the perfect woman. I rate the model on her page and rate the sets as they come in. Some sets move me more then others.

swp - Happy New Year to you!
If Mila is not a top model, then she has the potential to be with a 9.27 opening set. What happened after that? Did we get bored with her or the way she was presented to us? Matiss needs to ask these questions and figure out how to rekindle that initial interest. Not saying he's doing a bad job, but what could being shot by another photog do for her?

With eight sets in year 2013, can she be considered a "top model"? I appreciate Mila, but there are so many fine women here, many with more time and larger portfolio. I guess we will just have to leave it to personal opinion on what her status should be. It doesn't matter to me, I will enjoy her sets just the same. I don't defer to the ratings system, as you and many others have pointed out, it is imperfect and easily skewed.

I just want to add that beauty and appeal are ALWAYS subjective. I don't live and die for the ratings, and they certainly don't influence how _I_ feel, but it is curious to see what others think. A certain portion of the membership is going to be transitory, some for perhaps only a month, some for more. You and I, and others that have been here for years are probably in the minority. There were some great sets in 2010, but how many people that rated those sets are still around? That is the variable, I feel, that creates the wildcard effect in the ratings - the membership varies month-to-month.

If I were a new member and wanted to go back and look at past sets, the ratings might give me a place to start out at. With hundreds of models and tens of thousands of sets, you have to have some way to sort and filter (and the tags have become useless). To me, that's all the ratings are good for, not ever as or intended as an indicator of beauty.

Good points

Not really wanting to get drawn into a debate on the topic I will just say that I am not quite sure I agree.

I am not quite sure if you are saying that Mila is not a top model or Mila is not a top model because the rating system is screwy, i.e. Mila is only rated as a top model because the rating system is screwy.

I have many favourite models on this site and it is sometimes it is a difficult (but welcome) task of trying to determine a top 10, as probably one of the 10 who rave, I will say that Mila is one of them.

When I look at the 'Top Rated models' I agree that the ranking is a little bit screwed, for example Michelle H is currently #150, I am not sure why that is. On the other hand Jennifer, Nikia, Mila and Jeff are all quite high up the rankings, which I tend to agree with. I personally don't read much into the ranking system here, if I like a model then I like her and don't get too hung up on if she is ranked #1, #10 or #150.

My parting shot is that I am quite happy for Mila to be noted as a top model, my opinion is that I think she is.

Thank you, This is exactly the type of responses I was hoping for. No trashing, intelligent disagreement. My original problem was when models that were Top for over a year are now down and still falling. As an example Caprice. Top ten from Jan 2010 until Jan 2013 all but one set and now 64th. Go figure...She is still #3 on Sexart.

It is weird, when I looked a little deeper into the rankings in the top models section I found that many of the models (with many sets) that I would class as the cream of Met (if you excuse the expression), are well down the rankings. An example of this weirdness is that Ameile and Nika are in the 70's and Nensi, Zsanett and Valeria are in the 40's, Nikia is only #10. All of the young ladies mentioned I would class as some of my favourites here and I would personally class them as top models.

None of this really makes a lot of sense to me, but as I said before I don't hold a stock in the ranking system and generally don't really care.

Interesting conversation though and thanks for taking my response as it was meant, i.e. 'no trashing'.

PS, a belated happy new year to you.

  • 2 years ago:

At the risk of opening up a new can of worms regarding ratings--I've always assumed that the rating on the model page is reflective of those votes on that page; furthermore, the model's rating is divorced from how you would rate a particular set.

So, while I may find a model unbelievably hot, I give her a 10 on her model page. However, on individual sets, I'm not just rating the model, but the quality of the set and how much it "moved me" so to speak.

Therefore, a model may rate "high" based on her specific qualities without having individual sets with equally high scores.

But what do I know? I just like looking at the pictures.

Philo, that is also how I work my ratings. The model has her own area which I take into account my personal appeal of her. I use the set rating more as an overall indication of that specific set, taking all things into account: technical, poses, setting, and yes, the presentation of the model.

I believe you are exactly correct. That is why I supported Matiss in what I said. His work should not have diminish her, he has shot her great so why are the sets scored lower. Rhetorical ? As Ry told me, "Don't try to make it make sense. It is what it is." Oh Well...

I totally agree with your rating philosophy, Philo... but I suspect that what causes all the confusion about just exactly what the heck the ratings actually mean is that there is no one single accepted rating philosophy, and every member follows his/her own philosophy.

fer, I think your dead on, also. Your a regular, what do you think? Should she be a Top? Or am I out in left field on this? I realize she "IS" a Top, so what I think or what my opinion is, as we used to say in my attorney days, "Worth what you paid for it." In this case NOTHING. So...

Thanks for asking, swplf... for what it's worth and I'm only speaking for myself of course, I think she's a gorgeous woman but she isn't one of MY tops.
Having said so... it really doesn't bother me that she is rated as a top because some members obviously think she is. As long as they enjoy her beauty enough to rate her top, it's no skin off my nose. ( :

Cups and kisses each perfect breast, watching them gently sway ... You are SO gorgeous!

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