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She has a penis.

^This idiot up here.

Gorgeous girl. I love her beautiful breasts and nipples. I love her curly blonde hair and her delicious pussy. i love her gorgeous ass, legs and medium breasts.

OMG. You, are definitely out of this world, Mila. I like the anklet. Keep it on. It's another thing among many many other things that keep me awake all night. I really love every centimeter of your body from your lickable toes to your dark hair. Keep the anklet on and keep up coming back here, plssssssss. Your slave, Tim M.

Beautiful face and lips both places, but the ugly anus kills it for me, sorry Mila I can't give you perfect score, get that fixed and I'll revise my score.

Since no one else has mentioned her amazing abs and athletic arms and legs and gorgeous eyes, I will. With everything else mentioned above, that makes her one of my top three on all of Met-Art.

A trip to the proctologist may be needed here, either that or preparation H

Yes. She has either taken it rectally too many times or she needs more fiber in her diet.
After the repair visit to the proctologist.

I always thought that maybe it is what it is. I mean, she has those those thick luscious lips and that meaty pussy so why not a meaty...hell I wouldn't kick her out of bed for that!

Exactly what I thought! That looks painful.

Mila is another model who has figured out how good a girl looks in a men's shirt. I don't get some of the weird camera angles though, I gave is set a 9

This COULD have been a nice visit from a beautiful woman. Championship face, breasts and labia! Too bad Matiss thinks (s)he knows better than the members what we like and keeps on giving us bits and pieces of awkwardly framed feet or elbows or. . .

It is beyond time for K to lay down the law to Matiss (and others) by strictly strictly rationing future publication of sets that do not deliver what the membership continually requests. In other words, an absolute minimum of crap pictures that do nothing for anyone's pleasure and only serve to chew up MET's bandwidth.

I suppose we all have the power of the ultimate decision by how we rate the artists in the rankings.

"Awkwardly framed" is not the word. Many photographers suffer from "Titannic-itis" the habit of rocking the camera side to side to produce "artsy" effects. makes me a bit seasick. And the lopping off of the head stems from an old photographic trick that, in order to more emphasize the eyes and lower face, a photographer crops off PART of the top of a model's head shifting the viewer's gaze downward. But Matiss sometimes takes it to extremes.

Thanks for reminding me that they can be rated too....
I felt generous giving him a four!

Didn't take him long to cut her head RIGHT off!! And continue to do so...
but more importantly, did someone mention a "perfect pussy contest"??
Mila's high on my list....

Mine, too. As sailor would say, there is "vast nutritional promise." This is one young lady that I would like to see with a butterfly pose. Sadly, for all the great work of his, Matiss is not known to provide that type of shot.

hipshot, since you started this PP thing, what say you?

Lovely lips...all 4 of 'em!

amen, brother!

Mila has an incredibly well developed and erotic anus and vagina lips, and I wish there were more shots featuring them.

Oh, those lips!!!

Perfect, call me when you come to Houston.

I'm not sure what part of this girl is more breathtaking; her stunning eyes and seductive smile or her beautiful meaty pussy and puckered anus? either way, Mila oozes feminity and sexuality. Very arousing girl.

the thought of a breathtaking puckered anus scares me

It excites me.. I'm not scared :)

The saying "To each, his own" was never so true!

LOL Approach gently... Nibble softly and you won't get bitten...;o)

I agree with that.


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