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Please have pussy and asshole shots in focus!

Nicely shot explicit set of this beautiful girl. Mila is certainly well endowed in all the right areas

Not over sure about the turquoise shag pile rug though...!

Her anus is kinda messed up. There is so much overlapping tissue. Mmmmm. Not for me.

Exactly! That's why I requested butt cheeks, not anus shots.

  • dunn
  • 5 months ago:

She has one of the prettiest faces and meatiest labias on the planet. Wow


Those beautiful NATURAL breasts...a feast in itself....

Breathtaking pics of Mila. Her body is wonderful all around. Love the shots of her anus and pussy, both very very nice !

  • ToLo
  • 5 months ago:

One of the most amazing torsos on all of Met-Art, and it's obscured with flat, lifeless lighting. It still goes in my favorites, because Mila is astounding! But please… light that reveals rather than hides form.

Not sure what it is you object to. I know my craft, I've been in the business 25 years- the lighting is not flat or lifeless. There is nice direction to a hard light to her left, diffused fill light, and a nice backlight.

Arkisi does do more dramatic, very directional light, maybe that's what you prefer. The price to be paid, however is that he gets some pretty deep shadows, and IMHO sometimes the model's tasty bits get lost in those shadows.

Bottom line, the girls are the most important ingredient!

  • Gary
  • 5 months ago:

Mila is gorgeous - of course - and her anus and labia are amazing! More please.

Her best set yet! Outstanding poses, each picture just inviting us to sample her perfection. Great job MA!

What a magnificent pair!....of gorgeous blue eyes!! Some women seem to be genetically coded for the pleasure of a mate. Mila is magnificent!!

Oh...I forgot...nice set. ;o)

Need to do more photo sets like this one with your models, love the shots! SO GOOD!

Glorious labia, beautiful body all around but her labia are what do it for me.

Magnificent mammeries!

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

55 -- photoshopping for the sake of photoshopping?* Kinda makes the whole set suspect.
If anyone could benefit from a full bush, it would be Mila...

*or is it just the bad focus :-?
Both :-)))

I have to disagree, Mila is perfect as is, staying shaved.

I agree; so long as it was tastefully groomed / parted and did not interfere with seeing her magnificent labia.

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

Nature would do a decent job of grooming... :-)
Maybe with the help of a shower... :-)

People here seem to have forgotten that sexual hair is part of the deal, quite fascinating, beautiful and erotic in its own right.

I'll say it again -- do we expect or want these girls to shave their heads?

So what pray tell is the "sudden" problem with pubic hair?

Maybe I shouldn't be asking that question on a site where the vast majority of viewers pay to see shaven (and often enough waxed, lasered, photoshopped :-)

Different strokes for different folks! :-)

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

BTW, I don't think those labia are gonna have too much trouble being seen :-)))
And they will be nicely framed :-)

I consider this Mila to have outstanding breasts and inner labia to name just two of her physical features. I wish we could see her bum cheeks, not her anus, more often. Matiss. . .?

A feast for the eyes. This is one beautiful woman who is incredibly put together. Flawless in every way!

Gorgeous model with possibly the sexiest mouth I have ever seen.

Delicious brunette with blue eyes.
Delicious garland of flowers in her hair.
Great atmosphere.
Great environment
Photos very, very nice.

I say this as unbiased as possible being as 99% of my favorite girls are tall (5'8"+) blondes or redheads between the ages of 18-21 with blue eyes so Mila M is just a bit outside my normal tastes. I've been a member of Met-Art for a couple years and I'd be very hard pressed to find a girl on this site that can match the body of Mila M. In my opinion is she has near perfect proportions and muscle tone. What strikes me the most is the shape and size of her breasts. Her breasts just seem to fit so nicely on her toned athletic frame. In my humble opinion most women have that one dominate feature that draws me in be it her eyes, face, hair, bum, legs, etc. However with Mila M there is so much beauty in all these areas that I can view the same picture two, three, four times and be captivated by something new. This girl is for sure my favorite brunette hands down.

You nailed it....

I fancy a beef sandwich now!

Ditto!!! Yum,

It's always a great day when Mila comes to visit. Mila and Matiss have produced a wonderful set of pictures.

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