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I just love blue-eyed brunettes! My 1st girlfriend was one and I can never forget her eyes.Dark hair and blue eyes just contrast together very well and as such are such a striking combination.

I admit it: she's not my favorite model, but she is the most beautiful.

Ukraine just keeps giving. What a gene pool!!!!!

Beautiful Face - Beautiful Eyes - Beautiful Smile - Beautiful Breasts - Beautiful Ass - Beautiful Lips - I am in total lust for this woman!

Pluses: Mila's amazing pouty lips (mouth) and stunning blue eyes contrasted with her dark hair. And those fabulous breasts with such nice pink nipples. Perfection, I'm in love!

Only downside: Those plump labia lips stay slammed shut, seemingly tight as a drum. I'm not a fan of getting out the oil to open them up, but I don't think you need to be a gynecologist to want to part the curtains a bit.

Mila M is a true beauty,my only exception being the razor stubble around the clitoris in the close-ups.Matiss has used a great outdoor setting, perfect for Mila's beauty. I gave them both a 10++++

Beautiful girl, nice setting, very good taste for the posing. This is the real MET (Most Erotic Teens), not the MGT (Most Gynecological Teens).

This is one fantastic photo set. Mila you are wonderful, all over!! Matiss this really shows off your talent, thanks!

Matiss, I just have one request. Would you please take a photo of just Mila's lips, I'm talking her mouth lips?

Incredible anal shots.

Daisy Duke...EAT YOUR ❤ OUT!

I regret that I have but one thumb to give for my fellow here.

Damn, I envy those shorts!

Mila is gorgeous beyond description. She has an elegant face, awesome eyes, perfect natural large tits, flawless skin, and every feature of her body is shapely and appropriately toned. The photography in this set is superb, with varied poses, excellent use of natural light, and scenery. Natural light is superior IF the photographer knows how to use it, and Matiss does.

Picture 113, what is that on her rear???

Well what do you think? She apparently has a meaty anus to go with her meaty labia. I wish the answer to you question was "my lips", because they would be all over her rear! :)

An incredibly beautiful woman.

That says it all!

This lady is absolutely stunning. She is the epitome of womanly charms. I could stare at those beautiful breasts all day.

One word: stunning. ( :

Lovely lady, significant eyebrows, interesting eyes, beautiful breasts, wrinkly areolae, superb butt cheeks, magnificent inner labia, long shapely legs; all present and accounted for.

Another pleasing visit from Mila.

Mila! Another beautiful Ukrainian woman, with an absolutely gorgeous womanly body. There seems to be so many beautifully curvaceous women in Ukraine. And it seems Matiss knows them all. He certainly seems to know how to convince them to disrobe for his camera. The location for this set is very nice. I wish Matiss would keep the horizon level, but that is a very minor complaint.

Whose looking at the horizon?

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