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post script thanks for the head shots. beautiful face

Mila is both beautiful and sexy. Something for everyone in this set, let your fetish be shoes, feet, breasts, ass (I could have used a few more shots here :-) ) very beautiful. I recommend Costa Rica for that country that is always warm, with the great beaches Mila. You could be my guest, if you'd care to check it out. :-)

Woff, this girl has curves and more curves.. Nice photography and setting

I'll try again th comment.Putting Mila in a dark set and dark costume is a good idea,since she is so pale.She and Matiss boit get a 10+++

Wow. 9 pluses.

It's usually 900!! And I don't think you can count them in a "cumulative" manner...lol He only used three this time, and THAT'S amazing!

Having Mila in a dark aet and dark costume is perfect, and Matiss has done a perfect job, I gave both a 10+++

Having Mila in a dark aet and dark costume is perfect, and Matiss has done a perfect job, I gave both a 10+++

What a delicious and sweet meaty labia!

She is most definitely a well endowed woman.

Sensational as ever...a most superb, well developed set of female physical assets a man could ever wish to see...

Mila is quite stunning - we must see those beautiful labia straining for release from a pair of tight white panties - soon please, please!

Not much exists of Mila in panties. She is usually nude or nearly nude starting out in almost every set. In the set Saigo, I think that is the only one that opens with Mila in panties, not tight or white, not straining, and not enough time spent in them. I'm sure fer_realz might agree with you.

Note to Matiss: Some of us might like to see Mila in tight, white panties to open a future photo set. It would be most appropriate for a woman with her labial endowment.

I absolutely third that tight white panties recommendation. ( :

Pretty please with a cherry on top, Matiss?

Incredible pussy.

Mila has such a gorgeous face, beautifully shown here. And her labia are awesome. More please!

man, I'm just glad to see some heels and stockings. Such a rarity on this site.

And well done.

HAH! "Rarity"!? Hardly!!

I believe our friend was being ironic, Rock. ( :

I think you mean sarcastic, and I don't think so...

Actually, I meant "ironic," not sarcastic. ( :
Most of my life, my Dad tutored me very well in the distinction between the terms, being an EXTREMELY sarcastic and acerbic man... not pleasant to be around.

Nope, just callin' it how I see it.

Two perfect sets of lips.

Ummm... Make that three...;o)

3 pairs and 1 triple?

Right you are! I didn't count the "twins" as two...lol The "triple" is in my count. So it's four sets! ;o)

Suddenly, I feel an urge to visit Arby's...

LMAO!! Good luck with THAT!! lol

Nothing there as tasty as Mila. I'm thinkin' pussy.

Oh yes, pussy is ever so much better than a roast beef sandwich. ( :

I wonder if those shoes glow in the dark?

That would make them easy to find in the dumpster...

Those must be the "frankenshoes" you spoke of a while ago.

I favor high heels -- but those ARE frankenshoes!

Mila M, + Matiss,..."ACUDA" = "Magnifique!"

"Magnificent"...I agree! The fact that Matiss has MILA posing in "the sexy high heels" helps to raise the temperature as well,...

But, MILA's magnificent ass sitting on 'luxurious' LEATHER...really gets my 'gumbo' boiling over!

Add the 'smoking' black stockings...M-m-m-m-m M-m-m-m-m GOOD!

MILA's seductive poses and M. Matiss's close-up photography produces one of Met-Art's Best (Top Ten) galleries-

Definitely, a 'Summer Sizzler'...10++

Merci Beaucoup...to the M & M crew!

As oysters go, Mila's gets a "Shuck & Awe" rating!


If we had virtual coins (met money?) to tip with, I'd toss two in the hat for this punning metaphor.

Can you give me the address of the shoe store of Mila?

Do you aspire to patron or vandal?

Hint....he just bought some C4...;o)

....and I thought he just wanted to see if the Manolo Blahniks were on sale!

Beautiful woman but too many close ups. With the high resolution you can zoom in for the same view. I want to see her beautiful face too !

A fine critique if justly applied. Did I miscount? Over 70 for the face? Did I misjudge? A multitude of high quality?

I love Mila's expressiveness in this set. Magnificent. ( :
And I'm grateful to her for leaving the sexy heels on for most of the set. What a nice little touch.

Are you sure?

Yes, I am. ( :
Thank you for asking. ( :

I'm with you g.m.... Just more frankenshoes! I don't understand why American men like to cover their women's feet. Could this be why women are so obsessed with buying shoes!...?

Have you ever watched "Sex In The City" Rock? It might give you some insight into why (some) women like shoes so much. ( :

Never... And hope to continue never watching...;o)

I was unaware that the photographer is American.
Does my affinity for bare feet overcome my parentage and nativity in respect to my citizenship?
An how many men look at a closet stuffed full of women's shoes and say "Wow, that's awesome!"

Ha ha! That's exactly what I'd say, if my girlfriend promised me she'd model her high heels for me while we were playing. ( : ( : ( :
I was watching Craig Ferguson some time back when he captured my philosophy of high heels in porn (NOT real life, but porn) when he said,
"No, baby, DON'T take them off!" ( :


Give the man a cigar !!!

I saw the same episode. And -- for the record -- Mr. Ferguson is a Scot. So high heels are not an AMERICAN thing.

You Europeans trouble me with your "blanket" assumptions.


I did not say that the "photographer" is American. He is catering to what he sees is an affection for shoes by a large number of "American" men here on the site. Sorry that was not clear. And tell me...how many men do you know that would have an inclination to look in a woman's closet for ANY reason!!?? And it's unwise to think that shoes look the same, whether on a woman's foot or laying in a closet. If you liked the shoes in this set, that's ok... We all have a taste for different things.

Read my comment above --- regarding Americans / shoes.

And ---

You BETTER look in her closet, friend. And anywhere else she can hide stuff from you.

"fer realz" is generally genuine.

I try.... ( :

You are correct about him being genuine. And I 'generally' agree with him, but not about shoes! Socks are cute and stockings sexy, but they too should be gone by the end of the first quarter...halftime at the very latest. Of course, this is my own personal preference and I wouldn't push it on anyone else ;o)

With heels on she is either coming in from a wonderful evening and can't wait - - - or she is an exhibitionist ready to go out in public wearing nothing but her high heels, now would you be ready to go on such a revealing trip ?? okay, now think about the fantasy ?~!~?!!!!

No pushing, no. Not with 5 comments. All entertaining, I grant.
I am not a big fan of heels. If any woman I know were to show me these shoes and ask my opinion, I might pay her 20 to not buy them. But I think they add to the pictorial here. I hate Maraschino cherries, but they look good as a crown for a dessert. For me that little splash of green is the crowning touch here. It saves the scene from appearing too dark, and it's contrast is an assist for the whole color scheme. Even if our artist is not well read on the workings of the retina and the brain, the instinct seems good.
As for the stockings, they block nothing, really, and the contrast flatters skin that we see. They are integral to the whole composition. (And seriously, it's not like they are in the way, are they?)

I agree about that little splash of color, Magwich... it caught my eye immediately. The shoes without it would look nice, but with it it was just a little extra spark of interest.

I noticed about a decade ago or so that the older I get, the more the "Magpie effect" holds sway over my eyes... ( :

I notice that the older I get, the less I appreciate subtlety.

Funny, the more I like flashy, the more I also notice and appreciate subtlety and nuance. Somehow... I don't know how to explain it, maybe just the perspective of age? somehow the opposites seem to come both together...

I could make a hundred remarks and not be pushing my preference on anyone. "As for the stockings", I said I like stockings but that they should come off in a timely manner. Same with "socks"... Nothing beats "bare skin" for eroticism!..."For me"...;o) And we DO agree on those "plastic" cherries!! ;o)

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