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Great set, great contents,and great model. Thank you Mr. Clemens.

Lovely Anus

Lovely Anus

I don't mind studio sets if done with the right props and proper lighting. This one is good, but near the end, it took a while for the photographer to respond to the models cues (she was practically falling off the chair with sticking her butt up to be focused on!) for where to focus his attention. He finally got it for the last few! Congrats! ;o)

Great girl and there are some good moments in this set but personally i find all the studio sets to look too staged. I am able to fantasize more about the girl when she is in a natural environment like a bedroom or outdoors, etc.. To me, being able to fantasize you are with the girl in the setting of the photos makes for a more "enjoyable" experience, rather then just watching a studio photoshoot. but thats just my creative 2 cents...

Excellent photography.

One of my top favourites from day one. I did not realise she had done 14 shoots. I still think photo shoots 2, 4 and 12 have been her best so far and will take some beating.

At last! A set worth 'taking home'!

Great that she has non painted fingernails!

Gorgeous young woman!!! I luv her sexy body!!!

Technical quality amounts to 9.95 -- aesthetic settings and good composition; you'll hardly do anything wrong if you rate this set "10"...!

Perfect every time, Milagres. Totally gorgeous.

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