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Very good set.This model has a beautiful face with a lovely smile.
Cool are also those white stockings.
Great job!


I say the "rant" fight between Rylsky and a commentator a day or two ago and it bothered me. This is THE top site for non-explicit-sexual women in the world. All of the models, here, are probably in the top 1% of women who choose to appear nude. Almost all the photogs are the very best, anywhere. What some members fail to acknowledge is that everything presented here is a matter of taste. Met-Art gives us variety. Every model can not satisfy everyone. Every artist can't always have a "great" set. (Well maybe ERRO, but that is my own opinion.) The very fact of these "variances" is what makes Met-Art what it is, THE BEST. Ry. you do great work, and the fact you now have your own site under the Met-Art umbrella proves that. You have brought is some great models, only you had access to, (At first) Your skills are obvious, but it is impossible to please everones "taste", every time. Ry, also, realize that not everyone of the members actually cares about the quality. As the membership grows we are getting more, pardon the expression "assholes" posting. A group of us oldtimers (Over a decade with old Met Models, Erro, Met-Art) will always try to have a constructive comment. I haven't always liked everything you did,( I would only comment if I thought it woukld help to have my "opinion", but that is what it is "my opinion") but your ego should not get into it. You, rightly so, are at the top of your "game" and prove it regularly. If some asshole bitches, let it go. Be above it/them! By the way your recent Paloma set was great, I have followed her since she first appeared here. I bitched to Adam recently about how the models that were "Top Models" her, Carina (As examples) have continued to fall down the list since the "automatic" rating system started. You depicted her "playfulness" perfectly. It was great to see her again. And in this period of so many "new" models please continue to use some of our "old" favs.

You do make some good points. I don't think I have liked everything that any one photog did. Everyone has their "off" days, even MET photogs. But you are correct about not being able to please all of the people all of the time. I try to find positive things in every set, but sometimes you just come across a set you flat-out don't like. You feel compelled to say something. The key is saying it in a manner that is respectful without being an asshole.

I've been generally satisfied with the value of this site in my two years here. There are some things I dislike, but it isn't the models or the photogs, but more with administrative or technical issues. Things like airbrushing photos (for tattoos), posting a set and deleting it a few hours or weeks later, pumping "junk" into the tags, next set/prev set buttons that don't work, and inaccurate bio info (such as this model, Milagres as having "Medium" breasts while new model Gea-A is labeled "small").

I have made the same point here that Rylsky has his own spin-off site, so he must be doing something right. I respect him for that. So if I come across a set of his that I don't like so much, I don't insult his professional abilities. If you hate it that much, don't DL it and just go on to the next set.

I agree with just about everything you had to say here with one exception... I have seldom been 'positively' impressed with Erro's work. In fact hardly ever. But now we enter the realm of "personal taste", and that's a whole 'nother smoke... Otherwise you make some very valid points.

When was the last time Erro had anything posted here? Not in the last year at least.

I can't say off hand if I've ever seen any of Erro's stuff here.....maybe... But it's hard to avoid in 'this' network..(Met)

You are almost correct. Erro has only had two sets this year, both in January. In retrospect, my respect for him probably comes from the fact that he used a lot of my favorite models. In fact introduced us to some of them. I have as favs Caprice, Carina, Lilly, Ariel, Kami and his Muse Althea along with others he has used which the current artist don't. His video work was also very good and in many cases "original". I now get my videos primarily through SexArt and since Ariel is now a producer over there I hadn't noticed Erro's being missing from here. Again what I posted was strictly "MY OPINION". Thanks for your reply.

Tons of yumminess! Good job!!

I can't recall Milagres ever looking so alive. In particular, the photographs from the last row on page 5 to the end of the series are very effective, and they give you the sense of seeing something for the first time.

They are not fully nude until they remove the stockings. Ugh.

Always amazing.

Great model. Out of the 17 sets she has done she never fails to impress. Indeed she is showing more in this shoot than she has ever done before. Hopefully she will stick with this photographer for a bit longer, a photographer who knows what subscribers want to see and usually provides it.

I knew there was a reason I liked this set more than some of her others. Yes, the difference is Rylsky behind the camera.

I agree that Rylsky has done a fine job here (for the most part), but I don't have eleven of her previous sets because they suck. She's a beautiful girl and it doesn't take a "miracle" to bring this to light. Just another 'good' set of a great looking model.

I enjoy the closeup shots of her pussy in this set.

Milagres is indeed miraculous...

Milagres has great eyes, nice long hair and a primo bum.

What a beautiful young lady.


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