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This is a great set...modeling and photography. Kudos to both Milagres and Rylsky.

A playful and joyful woman, more please....

Too much changing of venue, one long trail of thought should accompany each photo shoot, not an amalgomation of shoots from current sets or sets despersed over time. Earn your rubies photographers, do not due injustice to the viewing public....we are wise enought to see the short sided view. Those that pay the bills will understand. The public viewers determine what is worthy, capitalism provides for the multitudes, and bring bucks home to roost.

Opened the site.

Saw not less than 30 photos of an ass.

Knew must be a set of Rylsky.

Everything about this woman is "perf". But it is the supermodel cheekbones that make this babe the stunner that she is.

I've always thought that her best was 'yet to come'... The first forty six shots are just that...her best to date!! The balance is also good, but I don't care for the combining of different sessions into one. It's a bit disconcerting. Milagres has certainly blossomed into a gorgeous model. I'm not crazy about make-up but someone did a great job with her this time... In spite of what I see as a few 'flaws', this is a very nice set and I'm obliged to give 10's for it.

Milagres is a star that periodically returns in the firmament of MetArt.
To capture the beauty of this star have ventured the big guns of MetArt.
This time we will try again Rylsky, and this set is not the best either of Rylsky, nor Milagres.
Starts off very well and .... ends up in the bathtub.
I understand that these settings are made ​​for the need of the market, but, personally, I find it very boring and not sexy, soaps and bath tubs.

I have to agree that soapy water is not sexy in my book.

Rylsky is the master of pretty feet pics!

He never gets me down, since he always include medial views of feet soles like #33 to #35 and #42 / #43.

If all Met-Art sets came up with those kind of pics, it would be just perfect!

she does have nice feet.

Too bad a lot of models don't seem to care about their feet and instead are sporting 'walking warts'

Rylsky never forgets to give a piece of candy to each fetishist.

Milagres A is what I picture as the classic Russian beauty. Her high cheekbones lovely eyes and prominent cheeks lovely smile and beautiful teeth are all featured so well in those first 10 photos. What a nice way to start the set. Her skin tones are lovely and her form is feminine and sexy as hell.

A lovely set from Milagres A and Rylsky.

This lovely Milagres is new to me. I see Rylsky has done one other set with her so far. She is very pretty and sweet. Rylsky has her in my favorite venue. By my count, Rylsky has done at least 22 photosets in this building, featuring at least 16 of his best models. So, the very beautiful Milagres has taken her place among other wonderful beautiful woman such as Nikia, Kristen, Kei and Sharon.

Neil. your eye for detail is amazing!

Actually, it is not an eye for details. It is too much time on my hands. Everyone needs to have a hobby. LOL :)) Maybe I could build a website like Rylskipedea.com.

Milagres is gorgeous in this set. I can't remember her ever looking better. In fact, she never really got to me until now. But I love that face and the personality that enlivens it. I can't imaging how I ever let that pussy escape my notice, and that bathtub never had a prettier tush hanging over its edge. Great job Rylsky and Milagres!

I agree Sailor. Milagres has sort of flown under the RADAR to me....I've known of her, but I never really "looked" at her closely before this set.
She looks great! Beautiful face and smile....an extremely attractive woman.

This set's a "10". Great job Rylsky!

After all the others, Ry does bring out the best of her! Of course that is just IMHO.

That is the masters touch. Whatever magic he performs works! The girls always seem to give him their best. I think that this is mutual respect demonstrating the difference good and best.



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