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My splash is not as big as the water but Milagres I think you would like it.

Yawn... the same bald, glam models dancing around in yet another studio set with shower drops around them.

Lovely model, disappointing set.

Milagres gets a "blue douche"!

I love when the models lift their skirt up, especially if it also exposes a cute little navel. :)

Somebody as hot as Milagres gets naked and you give her an under-8.0 score? Okay, sure.

Extra credit to the photographer for very sharp photos and lots of creativity. "ordinary", "bad" and "awful"? Y'all be crazy.

Long time no see Milagres, glad to see you back, you look great.

Milagres is a splash.

I love the colors and contrast in this set. The blue water effects on the black background are beautiful and the lighting and contrast on the model is perfect! I feel sorry for whoever was in the background working their butt off tossing that water but I commend them for a great effort. Milagres is lovely and that great front lighting really highlighted her beauty.

Great job Alex nice depth, great focus the whole set really pops!

a very beautiful girl and a very bad set

Very ordinary and sedate .

Glad we have not seen the last of the stunning Milagres, but this set was awful and does not do her justice at all.

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