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I've just seen the newest set of Milana and Vanda. They rub each other in baby oil in that one and sit on a mattress wrapped in plastic. Thanks to the oil, it's like the young women are made of plastic themselves. They hardly ever make eye contact with the audience and it all seems just like foreplay to sexart.

Here it's a different story. Because - though I'm not very enthusiastic about their latest set - this one arouses me a lot. First of all their bodies seem like a perfect match for each other.
But - and this is already mentioned a lot in the previous comments - the true asset of this gallery is the lesbian chemistry that surrounds both girls. Though of course it all may be an act, the act is executed almost perfectly.

This chemistry is also featured in their latest gallery - Dicitur - but the main difference is that in Benzetme the girls actually pose for the audience, in stead of just giving attention to each other.

(This last thing is great, if it concerns a porn shoot for sexart. From the free samples I have seen, both girls are very passionate love making machines. But for MetArt they never can go "all the way".)

But about this set: the girls seem to enjoy both each other as well as the posing. It's both tender and playful. The restriction that they can't have "real" sex with each other, doesn't feel like a restriction at all. It's actually just the opposite. I almost feels like you are actually looking at a real couple who would like the "real" sex for themselves. This is of course not very true (hence their sex-art galleries), but is perfectly believable here.

In conclusion: great set. And Catherine - if you would ever read this (a whole year has passed since this gallery) - you're a great photographer, but I'm really not into oiled girls on a plastic surface.

Two very attractive ladies, each with a great camel toe. Kudos to all three ladies. Catherine: The next time you do a two model set, please consider using something visual to distinguish one from the other; different color scrunchies if both have their hair in ponytails, or one has a bracelet and the other doesn't... Then when both faces are not visible, we still know who is who, Thanks.

Hi Baggy36Pants) Thanks, I have been successfully using such reception to model differed. Will it be borne in mind that this must be done always, if models are similar. Thanks)

Very sexy and beautiful set! I especially liked the simultaneous licks on image 125. I wonder how long they had to hold that pose. Stay healthy Catherine!

Hi Ouchstopit) Thank you for the wishes of health) I'll Try not to hurt. You too, take care of your health, a Position in which there were models are short - term. Tired they don't have time.

Catherine - Like others who posted comments, the dual model or lesbian sets are not usually my favorite here, but I enjoyed this one and want to tell you why.

There is actual model interaction in this set, unlike many others. This is not just two girls posing together, they are touching and kissing in a way not usual for this site. I didn't skip over this set because you (Catherine) shot it, but I found I liked it because of Milana and Vanda and the chemistry they exhibited. Thanks to the three of you for a very erotic set.

Thanks kilroy) Very pleased that my work like other people. Vande and Milan are very comfortable with each other. And this was manifested in this set. Thank you)

Awesome set with some of the best poses I've seen in a long time!!! Catherine, I think this set is in your top ten all time!!! Great work!!!

Hi luv_lickn_clit) Thanks for the good evaluation of our work)

I think I'll look for something to watch on another channel.

Hi Dreadnought) It's A Pity. I hope the following works will deserve your attention.

Vanda and Milana are so beautiful! I would like to give individual comments,but I have an awful time recognizing faces, and cannot. The doc says its the last stroke doing it, and also makes me a slow typist because I have to think of words and how they are spelled. Anyway, one girl's make-up is not done right, her foundation is not worked into her hairline,and the artist totally missed around her left ear(one ear at least). On the other hand Catherine does let the models wash their feet between poses,etc as dust is the herpes of the photography studio no matter how much you sweep and mop. As my photography instructor always said Ä warm washcloth will make the picture" He also made us watch Cïtizen Kane"by Orson Welles once a week. ( he was my black and white photography teacher. )


I forgot,easy for me at 73,Catherine has obviously checked to see if the models can work together instead of throwing them on the bed and they never saw each other.(I always di a run-through on polarid first)

Hi 5seadog) Thank you for the accurate observation. I usually watch over the purity of models ,but sometimes something I am missing. In the future I will be more attentive. Thank you)

Pic #108....mmmmmmm....!

Glad that you liked it)

two gorgeous models and a top photographer yealds an excellett set. i want to hug the 3 of you and kiss you all

Hi kkronful) The response you also embrace)


the models are super gorgeous and the poses are artistic and superb. i love this set it is my favorite set. please repeat it

Katy, i want to hug you very closely and give you a hot hot kiss and do the same with your models

Thanks I like it)

Surely just met the bests :-D Really good :-)

Thanks Met-The-Best))

Why, oh why, do photographers not allow the models to kiss?

is it permitted to kiss the photographer??

Hi SR71) Photographer does not forbid it)) It depends on the willingness of models)

Lovely and fresh. Love the kissing, not enough of that here. Well done.

Also, it's really refreshing to find something more than a gynecologic study here on Met-Art. Would swear that many of the photographers here are not much beyond 12 or maybe 13 years old, with their incessant little boy aesthetic and fascination with labia close ups. Don't get me wrong, the vagina is a thing of beauty, more so when handled with some sort of class.

Well done Catherine.

Thank you very much Revlis335) I agree with you. Is it luck when you manage to do its work. Success depends entirely on models. Thank you)

What an absolutely wonderful set, Catherine. I normally do not like double model sets but this one is special. These two young ladies seem to belong together. I have no idea which one is which, but they are both beautiful. Their poses together are beautifully artistic. I love the last photo in which one of the two amazing ladies gives usa big wink. I think Milana and Vanda enjoyed the set at least as much as we did. Congratulations for a wonderfully beautiful photoset. Warmest regards and very best wishes for much happiness and success to you, Milana and Vanda. May the sun always shine on your window.

Hi Neil) Thank you very much for your warm words and wishes of the sun in the window) I forwarded your comment Vande and Milana. I wish you also good and pure bright sun over your head)

I usually take a pass on lesbian sets, but this one has two absolute goddesses: Milana and Vanda. Totally unfair, Catherine. The whole thing is an assault on my libido. They are just incredibly beautiful, both of them. All three of you should be ashamed of yourselves. 10s all around.

Hi Sailor) I didn't want to attempt upon your libido)) When I see Vanda and to Milana, my libido too under the threat) Thanks for your assessment)

Amazingly sexy. Fantastic job, dear Catherine.

Hi Myshkin) Thank you very much))

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