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I am not usually a fan of oily photosets, but, oh, the kissing! The tenderness between them! The tongues! Pure heaven, instant bliss.

100 on a scale of 1 to 10 !

Best Catherine GG. Almost belongs on SexArt it is so hot. Keep them coming Catherine, you are the reason I subscribe to MetArt.

A good set Katya. welcome to your good quality standard.

a simple question Katya: was it possible to have better focus?
thank you and thanks to your models.

Hi kkronful) I am glad to read your comment) new sets are all in good focus and without a strong processing photoshop. You can see it in FB)

I'd sure like to see Catherine and her lovely models back on SexArt for some more explicit work.

Hi wheelerrr) I think that sex-art will be published sets with of Vanda and Milana. Such sets exist.

One of the best G/G scenes. Ever. Anywhere.

Thank you very much justagigolo)

Not my cup of tea.

I've never seen Catherine get messy before! (Messy in a good way). The set was beautiful and intimate. I loved the kissing and the nipple sucking. Who could resist? I can't think of anywhere else I would rather be than where two gorgeous nude women were kissing and fondling each other. R.I.P. Robin Williams.

Hi Ouchstopit) I like it when the model lubricates itself with oil. The model experiencing a pleasant feeling when it works with oil. The model begins to move easily, it constantly glides. What did you mean when written "RIP Robin Williams"?

I just read in the news. I'm condole. Kingdom of Heaven.

Yay!Vanda is back! and VERY beautiful, as is Milena J. I prefer Catherine's duos as she is always careful that the models can work together. With ears as pink as this, much fun was had by all.(Models dont get pink ears unless they are happy with the shoot. I had to give this a 10++++.

Hi 5seadog) Thank you for your praise) I am also a member of the fanclub of Vanda) I, too, am happy when publishing sets of her participation.

Oh, my lovely Vanda is back again. So appealing body and woman you are, my beautiful girl. I wish I was Milana and play with her here. I need to skip work to enjoy the time with her. Good work, katya. Always appreciate your sets and skills.

Hi Relentless guy) I am very pleased that you like my work. I feel like a hostess in the kitchen, which made ​​dinner. The hostess experiencing pleasure when her cooking is praised and someone asks additives)

I don't know what to comment on this set, so I guess I'll go through it again. :-)

OKAY!! This is more like it!! Finally, the girls are kissing. We had to wait forever and a day, but they are finally kissing. I was going to end my subscription, but not now. The recent g/g sets have been horrible. But this one is very good. I congratulate the photographer and hope she continues on this path.

Thank you. I will continue to follow this path.

Slippery set

The Seller

Too much like Catherine's last twosome but with less footsies.

Vanda always shows up with top shelf co-model...I'd ❤ to get into her Rolodex!

Two pictures in and, whoa! What a start to the week!

This reminds me, I need to change the oil in my car. :)

Darn it, looks like my invitation to the oil-wrestling party got lost in the mail again... at least Vanda and Milana carried on without me, and seem to have had a very nice time of it. ( :

Hi fer_realz) Yes, it was a very interesting photoset) This day I remember such a feature, we were shooting in a large presidential suite of a large hotel. As soon as we have completed this setto us in a room the hotel receptionist came with an apology and asked for a leave from the room. The receptionist said the room wants to take a very famous singer, who came on tour. When we collected the things we are very amused) It would be nice to him to know what we were doing on the bed, where he was to sleep at night))) I think it would be very restless sleep)

Are the hotels aware that you do your photo shoots in their rooms?

No, they do not know) When a person knows little its more healthy sleep.

Hot, hot!! Catherine shows bodies (!!) in their splendor. A loving couple with eyes and demanding and giving tongues for another. Very
arousing. For me a 10 +

Hi Eridanus) Absolutely with you it agree. These girls are very hot. Thank you very much for the high score)

10 + too Agree with You. Seems True love. Adore tongues games

Hot, hot! Catherine shows the whole bodies (not only holes)! A loving couple with eyes and tongues for another. The oil intensify the sculpturesque effect. For me a 10+ Very arousing!


absolutely awesome! This is the hottest g/g set since Nastya and Susanna and that is saying something. You found my soft spot> :) I usually don't even look at the G/G sets because they are usually a farce and not worth my time but your track record with Nastya and Susanna I had to look and I am NOT disappointed. Two lovely girls well oiled and playing together is super hot in my book. I know that Vanda is your favorite but for me Milana made this set irresistible. ;)

Beautiful work Katya. Very nice indeed!

Hi hipshot131) Yes, the duo of Vanda and Milana I also really like. Of course, it is a great merit of Vanda. Very nice to be near her and work with her. Milana is not ordinary. She gave a special atmosphere to this set. Thank you very much for the warm comment)

Maybe the fun lasted after the camera was turned off? :))) Or maybe we will see more on SA?

Hi hipshot131) Yes, there is a continuation of this photoset. But it appears it is not yet been published.

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