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Pic #39 is one of my all-time favorites. The intent may or may not have been to be a fetish shot, but for someone of my type, it certainly is.

Whoops, I meant # 34. Been awhile since I visited this set.

Very erotic. It's nice to see more explicit photos from Catherine.

She has some great back and belly hair! Very nice photography of it!

Maybe it says about her sexuality)

Beautiful rear view. What a beautiful anus :-)-

It agrees)

Gorgeous, sexy girl!!! Gotta luv her uninhibited posing!!! Catherine, a few close-ups of her perfect pussy would have been nice!!!

A lot of the photos in this set do have a noticeable "washed out" look, or maybe its a lack of color vibrancy. Not sure what the cause is.

On the you are right, I will think over your remark.

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  • 3 years ago:

Catherine's works in SexArt is much better than over here.

Working on commission???

Bravo! Catherine! Very good pictures, and very good poses by a very good looking girl. I would rather have seen her on the bed behind her, but maybe that's the next set...? ;o) Milana has one of the prettiest faces on the site, and I love her smile! Please make all your models smile...it makes them so much more of a pleasure to watch. Thank you...:o)

It is pleasant to read your comments. I worked today with model Vanda B and all the time reminded it of a smile))

Settings are rather unsophisticated, but --- on the other hand --- the technical image quality is quite OK and the model is certainly nice....so I'm settling on "9.5"!
Catherine has demonstrated great will to improve her sets and she's assuredly a sympathetic lady....so, summa summarum, the final rating is "10"! :)

Thanks. I don't consider that this set good, but also I don't consider it and not successful. And time so, especially many thanks for such assessment. For Milana J it there was her second set. She very much tried and she liked that it does.

Settings are rather unsophisticated, but --- on the other hand --- the technical image quality is quite OK and the model is certainly nice....so I'm settling on "9.5"!
Catherine has demonstrated great will to improve her sets and she's assuredly a sympathetic lady....so, summa summarum, the final rating is "10"! :)

So....you see my point with the "delay"..? ;o) They obviously haven't found the 'glitch' or they just don't care about double entries.

....just testing the system! :)

uhhh...ok lol Looks like it failed...

Because of slow reaction I too pressed twice and my message was shown twice.

The background looks like a surgery room or something.Horrible

The background is a giant BED!~ What's 'horrible' about a giant bed!?....besides the fact that Milana wasn't ON it!? Anyway, speaking strictly for myself, who cares what the "background" is! I'm here to see the "foreground"! And there's plenty of that here...;o)

I considered that the white background will put emphasis on model. Rockhard thanks)

And it worked very well Catherine! Nothing wrong with this one.

Love the bottom shots, lovely Anus!

Oh!... another "bottom feeder"...lol ;o) And plenty of nice shots of that lovely anus!! We need shots like these in every set, of every girl!

I now am engaged in shootings therefore it is difficult to me to respond to comments at once. But I will try to do it as soon as possible. I will try to apply your wishes in the next shootings. I now worked with model Wanda B.

As for the model, Milana is fantastic. I love her poses, her pretty toes, the cute way she did her fingernails, and her lovely rear end she shows us so many times in this set. In 96 and 97 it looks like she cream-pies a bit. Yummy! As for the photography, it's clever, tasteful and imaginative as always. Bravo to both Milana and Catherine!

)))Thanks, very pleasantly.

I love her uninhibited posing, the rear view shots are extremely hot

Milan I felt very freely and it likes to show herself.

Lovely hair, cute as all get out. Looks like she is enjoying the shoot and might tan in a salon. I bet she gives great hugs.

This model very much likes to pose. Concerning suntan: Now these white traces on her body already aren't present.

Firstly, I'm not a fan of the sort of "posed" shot. They get boring fast. I like to see the model telling me something, say in this set how she's undressing in front of me for a night of wild fun. Each image is a sentence and the set a story.

Secondly, the prop Milana is using is just plain horrible. Something with more class would have been better.

Finally, more contrast and less brightness. This set just needed a little post production tweaking to get the images standing out a little more. It all looks too dull.

I now work over that the model played history throughout a set, I hope at me it it will turn out.
The support which is used Milan to me by it seemed interesting and I wanted to work with it. It is a pity that it wasn't pleasant to you.
Probably, its brown color looks rather heavy.

Not so good

Good as "I" need it to be!

Not so bad...!

s999784, I am sorry that it wasn't pleasant to you.

I am sorry that it wasn't pleasant to you.

This is the third set of MilanaJ by Catherine and there is variety in each.Rear shots are are so erotic.

I very much like this set.It is soft almost romantic yet erotic.
Female mdel seen through the eye of a female photographer,makes it pleasing to my eyes.
Keep up the good work Catherine,love you.xx

Ergo thanks)) I am very touched)). I will consider that you like the rear view.

Catherine, WHY? You are so much better than this. A superb model with a fantastic body and not one single well focused pussy shot and the whole set looks like the studio was filled with smoke. :( In fact there is not one well focused photo in the whole set?????????? I can not believe that you used this set. This is the worst I have seen. WHY?

Maybe it is not you Cathrine, The other 3 sets don't look much better. Maybe there is a problem with the uploads.

Great model, great poses, good photography. However I also agree that many of the photographs in this set needed to be sharper. That said, a few recent sets from some other photographers have also been lacking sharpness too and have indeed been a lot worse than this set.

U must be orientated upwards not downwards.
I'm several decades older then the model, but I'ven't such pork rinds all around my abdomen.

In new work I am specially accented on that shots were sharp. For technical reasons sometimes sharpness happens insufficient, though I try to save it.

) ) I recommended to model to exclude Milan from a diet the Russian pelmeni)

She is not fat!

I don't get the meaning of that last sentence Catherine, but Milana is beautiful from head to toe and doesn't need to change a thing! (She goes to Milan to eat 'Russian' food!?) As for "sharpness"....I prefer the photos BE a bit "soft", except for the close-ups. You're doing fine in this area and should NOT try to please everyone, lest your style be compromised.



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