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A gorgeous model and a top photographer. I love you both.
Nothing can be said about the body of Milana except that she is beautiful, gorgeous, voluptuous and delicious.
I love Catherine because she knows what we want and gives us the best.

As noted, Catherine rarely does close-ups. Really a pity :(
In high resolution, there's a grainy quality to the photos, as if the ISO were too high or something (BTW, I'm a photographer). Milana is gorgeous, I'd love to see a more revealing set of photos of her.

I really don't agree with that. Catherine does some very nice closeups. Possibly Milana may have asked her not to include to many closeups? The models have final say. They must sign off on a set for it to be published.

Take a look at "Momenta", her second set. Couldn't be more "revealing"...

The 'neutral' colored and relatively plain background keeps me focused on the beauty of Milana. A bit softer lighting would have made the 'mood' somewhat more intimate, but very nice as is... Good job Kat ;o) Kisses to the beautiful Milana XXX

Catherine also made an excellent choice of background color. The pale green brings out the skintone of the model very well.

That pretty much sums up what I said....;o) Glad you agree.

Welcome back, Milana, you goddess you. As far as I'm concerned, you are perfect in this set. Absolutely beautiful.

As for the setting, it meets the only criterion that matters: it doesn't detract from the model. Many do—and if they do, no matter how imaginative they are, they fail. Catherine almost always puts the model in locations that complement , rather than compete. That is why she's one of my favorite photographers. (The beauty of her models has nothing to do with it. HA!)

So thank you Milana, thank you Catherine (once again). Come back soon.

Beautiful model, nice photography - but still there are a number of missed opportunities for close-ups. Is Catherine afraid of showing off all the model's nice features???

Thank you for all the armpit shots Catherine and I love her stubble.

Milana is beautiful and very hot!!! I really love her beautiful perfect pussy!!! A few more close ups would have been nice. The photo quality is very good in this set. Catherine, I do wish you would work in some more standard poses along with the gymnastic/acrobatic ones. One of these days I'll get around to posting a user gallery with the types of poses I'm talking about. A great set though!!! Please give my compliments to Milana!!!

One element that separates great sets like this one from merely good... is the model's expression.
Milana is not only beautiful and sexy, but it really looks like she is having fun showing off for us.
This set is a 10 for me.

I adore Catherine and her work but wish some times she would ease back from gymnastic and ballet poses .

This set has done exactly that. Way less "gymnastics" than the last few sets... Looks to me like she's on the right track now and headed in the right direction...

I am always happy when Catherine brings us a set of a beautiful. zaftig, model. Milana is certainly that and Catherine presented her very nicely! As hipshot131 says, Milana's snuggle quotient must be very high. Kudos and thanks to you both.

In no way zaftig. Her body may have a few pounds more than some of the others but it simply softens her contours she is actually about right where many here are underweight. Zaftig refers to overly endowed women which Milana is in no way. Those breasts are small and perfect. Her butt is tight and nicely formed. No way has she reached the BBW realm.

hipshot, I totally agree that Milana looks like a healthy real woman, not a stick figure.
Skinny looks good on some women -- but not very many -- and when you can count their ribs they are too skinny to be sexy IMHO.

I don't really see "zaftig" here -- in the real sense of the definition.

It is possible that Milana simply looks more like "real" women do -- rather than a breathing version of a "Barbi Doll".

Zaftig? lol. No, that's not the word you were looking for. I don't think there's ever been a "zaftig" model on Met-Art - and Milana sure ain't breaking that barrier.

Nice enough batch of images. But that's gotta be the most uninspired choice of location I've seen in awhile - unless you were intentionally going for a "1980's amateur" look.

May I use one of these synonyms in the future: ample, built, busty, comely, curvaceous, curvy, full-figured, healthy, hearty, robust, shapely, voluptuous, well-made, well-rounded, full-figured, buxom, rounded, statuesque, well-developed, well-proportioned?

Baggy, ANY term you use is going to strike SOMEone as wrong! LOL

bibblefuss, check out Aneli in the archives. Definitely zaftig to me. She put me off for about 10 seconds. Then I became a ravenous Aneli fan when I realized that she's an incarnation of the Earth Mother.

Photo #100 WOW! That is one perfectly formed pussy. The shape and smooth pink lips are nothing short of spectacular. Sad that there is only one clear closeup of such a jewel. It certainly deserves more attention. I try not to dwell to long on this one feature but you seldom see one so perfectly symmetrical and smooth and silky looking.

Milana J Is a very lovely girl indeed. She has substance. Unlike so many of the girls here. Slightly cherubic instead of skin and bones. I bet she is awesome to snuggle with. I would love to have an angel like this to warm my bed on cold winter nights.

Very nicely stated. I thou would rather do more than just snuggle with this cherub beauty. Kissing her beautiful body from head to toe is my dream, even thou it would probably take surgery to get my lips off her yummy butt!

I must say that that couch looks very uncomfortable. It must chafe that silky fine skin to move about so much on that harsh fabric. Next time throw a sheet or something on it to protect that lovely body.

Gotta be one of the most perfect pussies on the site!!! Catherine, a few close ups next time, please!!!

Check out Momenta, Milana's second set and you will get lots of shots of that lovely pink flower. Strangely I think this set was done at the same time just with different lighting and less emphasis on that lovely flower. I must say I like this lighting much better here but I miss the closeups. I think that pussy is the best on Metart.

Model naked from the start,constantly moving.Crappy green background.Gymnastic poses.

People here usually say they like it.I don´t

The seller

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