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Leonardo always use this spotlight even on daytime outdoors sets like this! He is capable of spoiling a could-be-good photo with this bright white artificial lighting! The photos could have been much more beautiful if illuminated by the natural sunlight. This bright white light he always uses makes the photos in this set look like studio photos in a fake background.
It's a pity, as his models are beautiful and he often takes nice sexy shots, but they are frequently spoiled by this bright white exaggerated artificial lighting he uses; specially when it's on daytime outdoors sets like this.

Show her with more pubic hair next time.

I see Leonardo find new pretty model :)
Congratulations on a good choice.
This girl is looking good for this to continue.
I look forward to equally successful sets.

Great first set for this very young looking feminine beauty, loved the confident open leg posses and the darkening of the skin near her Anus, its just a shame the photographer didn't take the time to get some in focus shots of her Anus.

Wow! A new favorite for sure.

Beautiful job Milna. I would like to see you smile more. But you are very pretty. It was nice to meet you.

Milana is a stunningly beautiful woman, but this is not one of Leonardo's best efforts, unfortunately. As stated, a bit repetitious and so sad there are no close-ups. Is that because she didn't shave that day? I find it hard to imagine thinking there's no reason to shave down there even if it's a photo shoot day. Makes no sense, might as well just trim or stay natural. My humble opinion...

Why use a medium format digital camera if all you're going to do with the output is retouch and smudge it? Leonardo you'd achieve the same objective if you sold your medium format equipment, purchased 200USD point-and-shoot camera and shot your subjects without using a tripod (like you're presently doing).

Milana K is so beautiful. But your poor technique and questionable judgement rendered her into a myopic blur. You, Leonardo, and Goncharov, Koenart, Latika and few others retouch and photoshop your subjects so much I sometimes wonder if I have some degenerative eye disease when I look at your work.

It may have taken a few frames(80!), but I did fall in love with this beautiful girl! Captivating eyes and a totally delicious body! Quite a bit of repetition here, but next set is greatly anticipated... Very beautiful girl with luxurious hair and very inviting smile and expressions. Welcome Milana!!

Pretty girl,crap photography,pity the waste.

Pretty girl,crap photography, pity the waste.

What lovely long brown hair, perfectly suited to her long & slim figure. I hope Milana comes back. This is a good first set, but I'd like to see more of those long legs and a few close ups of what is between them.

Closeups? Leonardo? You've got to be kidding me.

One can always dream...

Fantastic debut!

LOVE your long, brunette hair, Milana.

And, those crystal blue eyes... gorgeous, sexy, lovely.

nice set for a gorgeous girl. every part of her body is delicious

A super gorgeous young girl
Gorgeous long brown stunning hair framing a sweet beautiful face with blue eyes and a killer smile.

Her small boobs and nipples and areolas are gorgeous similarly her lovely ass and delicious pussy and long legs.

Cud kiss her to death. Stunningly beautiful woman.


Long hair, long legs and a beautiful smile. Welcome Milana, can't wait for the next instalment.

Another beautiful woman debuts at Met. I like this set, good positions well photographed, stunning young woman.

Gorgeous and elegant. Welcome!

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