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this girl is fecking gorgeous

Nothing wrong with that outfit, or the nips peeking through it.

This is obviously an up-skirt tease set (which was very nicely done) and was clearly lost on 97% of the viewers...who are probably too young to know anything about up skirt tease sets. Bravo.

Nice upskirt! Love it :)

is it supposed to be a nude set????? not more tan 3/10 altyough she is beautiful

I totally agree - what a waste!

Agreed, pretty stingy with the nudity, but not worth having a stroke over. Geez, sometimes I think the men posting have little in their lives other than being on the web. Like the guys who want more model details, you gotta be kidding, these hot girls don't want us lecherous guys finding them and hounding them for dates. Anyway, back to this set- we are spoiled, some of the sets are so hot and exciting, that despite Milana's beauty, it's hard to get fired up over this set.

Well, we are so blessed to have your opinion, otherwise we might have to think for oursleves.

Now that is very interesting. Milana's biography is identical to Kristal's. Word for word, to include grammatical errors.

Kristel's bio was first. I bet Milana tried to take ashort cut.

If Kristel breaks wind in Belarus, does Milana excuse herself in the Ukraine?

Very strange, They are very different girls.

I doubt many (if any) models bios are actually "real".

brutal...this is a nude site right?

What the...??

Goncharov's next set will be of landscapes.

Yes, this is a very unusual set, nuff said...

Gosh-awful. What a waste.

clothing is like a wrapper, nice to see, there must be 500,000 need pictures on here - relax

What the hell kind of set is this????

This set really does not come close to the quality and beauty in the previous Milana work {Presenting Milana K) by Leonardo.

The problem with outdoor shots is she doesn't really get naked throughout the the set. In fact I think this set violates Metart format rules for clothing.

She is beautiful and has a fantastic body and that dress is made for her! I love the way her nipples stand tall beneath it and the way it hugs her body but this IS a nude site and if they choose not to submit nude shots the set should not be here.

Milana is very pretty, the shoot looked like it was an advertisment for the dress. If I wanted to see a fashion shoot I'd be on vogue.

Milana is very attractive. The dress is form fitting and in some shots like # 100 it leaves little to the imagination. I wonder what message or impression Goncharov intended to convey by including the dress in all of the shots except the first two.


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