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Silly boa, put that snake away please.

I might add that indoor sets are "lit", that is whether the photographer uses strobes or hot lights, it's rare that indoor shots are "natural" light. Of course the trick is to make it LOOK natural!

Outdoors is very high contrast, unless you shoot near a light-colored wall or something that "fills in" the shadows. Sunlight by itself is harsh, giving you deep shadows. One technique is to "flash-fill" outdoor shots, but again the trick is to make it look believable, which is not easy to do. I use a warm-up filter on my flash fill to balance the color temperature. It helps, but to me it still looks artificial.

I think some of your biases re outdoor shoots comes from a reaction to technical problems where lighting is not fully under the photographer's control. Well, and then there's the sand issues, and on occasion, a mosquito!

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

I did not recognize her! I skipped right past her.
Wait a minute -- that's Milana! K. The one I've been waiting for.
Her hair seemed blonder...
21: squeezable :-) 25 -- well-endowed :-)
26: an air of sophistication...
28 -- a beauty. 33 -- caught in the spotlight.
35 -- I don't have to say that I would like to see that bush grown out :-)
36 -- Big and healthy, like the rest of her...
50 -- just a girl...:-)
**Could use Rylsky's animating influence, Sironi's dynamic lighting and posing...**
I.e., it's too much of the same good thing.
72: are those eyelashes real?
73, 74 -- very nice -- a farmer's pretty daughter :-)
77, 78: Milana has arrived :-)
83, 84 -- red-hot vulva. 90: coquettish. 93 -- grown-up lady.
98 -- extreeemly pretty :-) (in a Soviet kind of way :-)
99 -- !!!!!!
100: princess. 101 -- sly princess...
102: dirty princess!......103, 104....grow out that bush please.
A merciless denouement. I'm losin' it!
A shame to shave it...but...
She's hot.

Welcome back beautiful goddess.
Praxiteles would have preferred you to Phryne.
In the first set your beautiful hair covered all your beauty; sin
today they make you luxurious backdrop, much better.
Photoset exemplary: a neutral background, the clear Milana and a bright color

"Brava" Milana "Bravo" Arkisi

Welcome back beautiful goddess.
Praxiteles would have preferred you to Phryne.
In the first set your beautiful hair covered all your beauty; sin
today they make you luxurious backdrop, much better.
Photoset exemplary: a neutral background, the clear Milana and a bright color

Such a beauty! Heaven!

Indoors sets are 10 times better than outdoors!

I confess that I often (but not always) prefer inside sets, but I think what makes this one so outstanding is Arkisi's lighting and technique. There is a certain realism with his sets that appeals to me.

I think they both have their merits. As long as the indoor lighting is natural, I'm fine with it. But when it's heavy handed (like when a fair skinned girl appears to have spent all day in a tanning booth), that's what I despise.

Milana's best set!

I'd say that this woman is HOT --- but then, I'd be being redundant.
Some of Arkisi's work really don't thrill me much -- but when he hits it, he hits it on the head. Marvelous set.

Milana is a beautiful woman. I ordinarily don't favor tight closeups but nipples and areolae like Milana's certainly deserve some (in moderation).

Thanks to Milana and Arkisi for this great set.

My god! Another tall Ukrainian goddess, and I didn't even know about her! Somehow she slipped under my radar, which I though was micro-tuned to Ukrainian wavelengths. Milana, you are beautiful, a wonderful surprise. Come back whenever you like. Kisses all over.

Wow, this is what I would call a 'coming of age' set, there is a contrast between this and the previous two sets and all for the better. Well done Milana, you look great and well done Arkisi for taking the photos.

I must agree with the contrast of this, her third set against the other two. This one rated higher with me for many reasons. I'll admit that being shot by Arkisi has more to do with it than being indoors.

You lost me with this one. What is the big change you claim in this set. That this one is indoor? You like Arkisi's style better? Because while this Milana K is worthy of being here she gives us nothing special (IMO). The almost identical poses and sequence are te same in all three of her sets. What do you see different?

I disagree, swplf2, I see little commonality between her three posted sets. All three are different photogs and locations. There are some similar poses, but that's all I can see.

Also note all three of us, you, me and mankeryma all agree on Ry's set today.

Obviously three different artist will each give us their style. I thought my signalling Arkisi out made that clear, but overall I saw a sameness. If you didn't that is fine, but your own comment about Flora's today acknowledges "difference". My own preference is to see sets where the model displays another "side" of herself within our limits. The varied work of Paloma or Carina as an example. It was strictly a ? to monkerma about his/her impression and I got it. If you have notice my posts in the past you know I bitch about faceless boo birds, which are not. You post your actual disagreement and say why. I respect that and wish more were like you.

Just so you know, I did not give you a thumbs down even though we disagree.

Now you mention it the first set has very similar poses, but thought that Milana looked a little uncomfortable. The second set was very subdued in my opinion.

I do think that Milana looks a little more relaxed in this set and therefore I do think that this is the best set of Milana pictures so far on Met.

I must admit I am not a great fan of outdoor sets, I think the lighting can be a bit harsh and there can be lots of light and shadow areas. I prefer the more even lighting that's produced from an indoor setting. Maybe my aversion to outdoor sets is skewing my perspective (??).

Thank You, makes much more sense now.

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