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Milana looks ready-to-eat in this set!

At the end of this set Arkisi had to wake Milana.
Milana had fallen asleep on the floor.

Lady Godiva you cover your breasts with your hair to spite us?

Very beautiful from every angle.

I like that there was the smallest hint of her clitoris in a couple of pictures. Rare but nice to see.

Looking closely at 44 and 45, there IS a bit of a 'pearl' showing in that oyster, and I have to agree that it 'could be' the tip of her clitoris...
Hallucinations are no substitute for good eyes...;o)

I think you are hallucinating ;) I don't think Russian ladies have clits! LOL
It is one thing I am always looking for and seldom ever see.

I wonder if Met had a rule against showing one.

Best set of her yet! But I still hate photographers who use long hair to cover up a model's tits. They think they're being cute, but all it does (for me) is tick me off.

I was waiting for that. As soon as I looked at the set I knew there would be comments about the hair getting in the way. :) I for one feel that they did a very good job with managing it so there were lots of shot of her lovely breasts both totally in view and partially covered. To me those shots are seductive and interesting. I love this hairstyle and the way it complements her softer side. If the hair bother you scan back one to Idazita and you will see all she has to offer unobstructed and in full view which is quite nice too.

This set has a softness and sensuality that I find very sexy and alluring.

I really like Milana's lovely long hair and incredible eyes. The background in #s 98 and 99 may be sparse but it contributes to perfect shots of lovely Milana. On the other hand, for my preferences only; #100 is a good background but I prefer to see the entire model. Very nice collaboration by Arkisi and Milana.

i love her body especially her long brown curly hair

The eyes have it! I find difficult to tear my eyes away from those crystal blue orbs for long enough to take in her lovely body. Who ever did her makeup is indeed an artist. I love the fade at the corners of her eyes instead of the dark lines usually used. It really makes those eyes the center of attraction. This is a lovely set of a very lovely woman done with Arkisi's normally fine touch. This is art. The photos do much to enhance her charm and nothing to detract from it. Looking through the photos I am not thinking about the photos only how magnificent the model is. That is my definition of art.

A very pleasant set done by a consummate pro. Tens all around

It's always great to see your amazing blue eyes Milana. Milana you are a beautiful woman, with an awesome body.

Milana shows us what happens when the lovely girl next door shows her erotic side...
Those ice blue eyes are incendiary.
Flawless set. Thanks to Milana for opening up to share her beauty with us, and to Arkisi for capturing it so well.

Flawless indeed.

Milana has beautiful blue eyes.

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