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My heart feels like it's ready to explode. This woman is breathtaking!

Is she naked? I have to tear my eyes from hers to look. Yes she is beautifully exquisitely naked but then the page is turned and once again all I can see are those magical eyes. With each new page my gaze is drawn to her pale blue mesmerizing eyes. Is it magic? Is it witchcraft? I know not but I am drawn to them like a moth to a candle. It is a power I cannot fight I am forever hers and forever a slave to those eyes.

Hard to go wrong with a 5'11" Ukrainian Princess with beautiful blue eyes, lovely long brown hair and perky breasts. Agree with SWP that this is Milana's best set yet.

Milana has away with tease that can not be expounded upon. She is delight to the eye. Everything she can produce is accepted. More of her please.

WOW!! Just WOW!! A thousand times WOW!! Those piercing blue eyes just lay me out!!! Spectacular model!! Great set!! More of this girl is never soon enough!

Beautiful, sweet Milana "Lady Godiva" in version of cream puffs.
The gift of your naked body is always very pleasant.
Your "mise" of sparkling red is a ingenious idea of Arkisi to make you irresistible.
Top marks for two.

Arkisi, in too many frames Milana hair covering her beautiful breasts.
The hairs are not most beautiful of the breast |

My heart just melts when seeing these images of Milana K's beautiful, attractive, enticing, blue eyes face, & perfect proportional female body. Great boost for me to start this new day.
More please!

Just for one crazy, impossible second...
Imagine coming home after a crushing day, walking through your front door, and seeing image # 1....
Just imagine, if you can. ( ;

Meh... I would rather imagine seeing #97!

Beautiful Milana K, good to see you back. Great set.

Milana, IMO this may be your best set yet. Keep up the great work, the portrait type shots of you are very good, pretty one! Wait to see what Sailor says....

I, for one, agree wholeheartedly, swplf, this is, no doubt, Milana's best set yet.
In fact, as I was looking through it, it occurred to me that, of all Arkisi's current models, Milana is probably my favorite.
Not to dis the others, but there is just something special about Milana, be it her ethereally blue eyes, her slightly mysterious sense of reserve that no man will ever touch without her leave, despite her lack of reserve in posing for Arkisi...
She just seems to embody that special mystery that is femininity.

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