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I agree with adomavoi81. The topic hairy or not hairy it will be always in discussion. Milena’s bush is just superb, amazing I LOVE HER PUSSY FULL OF HAIR, it makes her irresistible, hairy pussy is just natural there is nothing wrong with a hairy pussy, it is already computed and stored in our brain from long long time ago, that is why I love it and a lot of men also love a hairy pussy, some other guys don't like it .They prefer just a shaved pussy no hair. But in my case I really LOVE HAIRY PUSSY IS JUST SO NATURAL AND BEAUTIFUL OR JUST BEAUTIFULLY NATURAL. THANKS METART FOR BRINGING THIS STUNNING HAIRY WOMAN TO US...

Milena you're too beautiful. Please dont shave any part of your body.

Latika is it too much to ask if you learn how to properly focus your lenses? How about learning all about depth-of-field? Your piss-poor technique is an embarrassment to models as beautiful as Milena.

Milena is like a big lollipop:-))))) Sweeter than honey... She's the Girl of my dreams... Shaved or not, She's like an Angel on Earth. The galleries with Milena show us that the paradise is on Earth:-) сладкая моя...

All you guys should stop complaining saying that this set sucks. At least shes posing for you assholes.

This horrible flat lighting does nothing to show off her beautiful toned body. Look at those gorgeous little, round biceps and sexy abs! She's one of my favorites, but this is a poorly lit set.

Says the fat guy in a dark room in his mothers basement.

Wow, why are you here?

My all time favorite shot of Milena is #106 in "Win" gallery!

Hi Milena :)
Thank you for such a beautiful sweetheart posing in this gallery.
Thx too for U beautiful sensual stockings and red garter belt.
You look at this very sexy.
Plz don't shave.
Cheers sweety :)))

Simply THE best!

I love this girl and personally i liked this set. Some great poses and views of Milena's amazing pussy and beautiful face. Her long hair (all of it) is absolutely stunning. Don't Shave! Another candidate for best pussy and best Met girl. Even the shots at the end of her in the T-shirt and shorts were breathtaking! i say well done to both model and photog on this set....

Beige and light pink back ground is not working with stunning Milena in front.

Quit bitching man.

Glad to see Milena with her natural underarm and pubic hair, but I agree the photo/pose quality is not up to standard for this site.

I find all of this chatter about Latika interesting. Once Eric got Milena he hasn't let her go on this site. Milena has been shot by other ohotogs on other Met family sites but here it has been only him since he first shot her. One of the reasons Milena IS one of my favorites is because of what Eric has done with her. I agree that todays entry is not his best with her ir her best showing of herself but several of his shoots of her are some of the most exceptional sets every included here. Milena total innocense when dressed, which Eric has included compared to the extreme stuff is stunning. Any set of Milena is worth viewing and when Eic gets an over the top idea for one it is always Milena which he uses. I have commented before that she is his muse. Review what he has done with her and realize that they all cannot be exceptional, give him a break.

Her top gallery is done by Leonardo, titled "Eternis" and her third most popular gallery is also done by Leonardo titled "Presenting Milena". So having two of the top three galleries of this angel isn't a bad record.

I would like for Leonardo to have another go and see if things don't improve?



Beautiful lady! I prefer complete photos like 88 rather than cropped ones like 90.

Milena, thank you.

You devastatingly sexy, feminine, natural babe rocket.

Oh, and please, don't ever cut your gorgeous hair... any of it.

Thank you for leaving the stockings on for the whole shoot. Very sexy.

Milena you wear to much , get naked, no accessories!

Very cute and sexy girl. With a pussy this delicious, I could tolerate a little "fur"... Good set. Good pics.

Please Milena find a new photographer you have so much more potential.

Shave please

Why would any grown, mature and reasonable man want a beautiful mature woman to be as bald as a pre-pubescent 7 yo girl?

Because it feels great on your tongue and lips as you slide them around that shaved pussy...no ptoo, ptoo spitting out pubes... and if you shave your rod AND her pussy, the decreased friction is an amazing feeling, the sight is quite nice as well.

I do like the one with her arms raised and her hair standing up. Her armpits are just right here for my taste.

Her armpits are so fucking sexy.

Armpits are gross man

This girl really drives me crazy ;) I also like those "off-set" pictures in last sets.

Generally good work --- if the technical image quality had been slightly higher, this had been a clear-cut "10" set...!

Milena is beautiful, unfortunately the so-called set sucks. It looks like Mr. Latika just slapped together a bunch of outtakes to have something to sell, Even more unfortunately Milena won't work for anyone else.

Seriously man? Quit complaining, if you don't like the set, then just move on.

Uninspired photographer. This extraordinary model deserves a better photographer.

True dat!

Milena... Your getting Better All the time,and it really does SHOW.

Toys´ur us!(whith nice bushes,of course)


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