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Stunning beauty. Incredibly sexy. Absolutely gorgeous.

Taya (Milena D) is my favourite Girl on Met-Art. Un angelo in Terra***** More kisses for You from Switzerland, the chocolate Country...

We want the hairy girl back great and natural!

Speak for yourself. I love the new look!

What happened to her pubic hair? She had gorgeous pubic hair needs longer and so back to the way she looked before.

ok, setting and poses apart - has nobody looked at her face?

she is a cute girl - but in a lot of pics she looks just horrible, thanks to lighting and shadows. Not good. Really.

milena cant be beat the girl has it all get her in more movies she is perfection

We want the hairy Milena back!!!

Me too!

Why? She looks stunning as she is.

The somewhat unique element of Milena and Eric is just how many different ways he has dressed/costumes and undressed her. She has some of the most stunning sets ever presented here. (For example the nut and honey or the hindu inspred one or the childlike balarine) Eric seldom is repetitioue. Milena delivers on any thing he wants to try. (Hell he even let her point a gun at us.) Is this one of her "best or unique" sets? No, but it delivers what he wanted. It is this ability to vary and experiment between the two which makes them together one of the best pairings on our site. You want her bare assed? Its been there, you want her fully dressed? It there, also. This one is V.Secretish and works...

This is fetishistic Victoria's Secret sneakie-peekie junk. Not one fully nude photo in the set.

What is special about fully nude? This is a very sexy shoot.

I love Victoria Secret "sneakie-peekie" it replaced the Sears and Wards catalogs! :)

I fail to see the problem when I take into the consideration you do not have to be completely nude to have sex.

Milena is a very lovely model,and Erik Latica is the only one who handels her properly. Leonardo and Goncharov tried, but couldn't get to her.Some models are VERY touchy about who they will,(or can) work with fully nude.


Hyper sexy girl rocket.

Now on my favorites and personally I love how her armpits look here as opposed to a full growth. Thats also sexy but this is such a turn on and thank you to Erick for not depriving us of her armpits as some shoots have done.

Armpits=sexy? Yuck.

Yes armpits are sexy and thanks Erick for no retuching, there's some fine sexy stubble on them to dream about.

You dream about...armpits? LOL, okay, pal.

If armpits do nothing for you, I suggest to everybody try it once!
All you have to do is smell and taste a hot girls pits (deodorant free of course) just once and you will be hooked for life.

There are few who have lips as sensually delicious as Milena. I love gazing into her eyes and dreaming of enjoying endless hours enjoying the feel of them.

I always like new sets of this lovely lady. For me, she's a 10

She's a dream this Sweety:-) Kisses Milena...

Always lovely, Milena, and some fantastic poses here. Thanks yet again!

It's always pleasing to see Milena here on Met, and she does not disappoint with this set. Well photographed.

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