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Congratulations on your recent purchase of an underwater camera Erik.

That said, this is the worst work you have presented here. Those last 30 images were inane at best. Shooting in tidal water? What were you thinking!! If you HAVE to waste band width with your model in water, use a swimming pool. Chlorine is still tough on a models' eyes, but no where near as harsh as salt water. (Her eyes must have looked like road maps of the Ukraine by days end).

You'll also get a greater accuracy in your images, than those wasted shots in moving water.

I like the underwater shots and I like the trimmed pubic.

Where's the soft pubic hair that was so natural?

Milena is a stunning beautiful women and one for my top two on this site.
Please! get her a better photographer.

Really miss the hairy Milena!

I also miss the natural pubic hair on the young girl.

Cold ocean. Fully submerged. Eyes open under water.

Poor girl really earned her fee on this shoot.

Milena is only 22. How could she be "past" anything. She still looks like "eye candy" with those big eyes, luscious lips, sweet tits, succulent pussy and yummy butt. Just hopes she grows back that soft fluffy bush around her sweet nectar dripping pussy. Anyway, the photo set was definitely different. I liked it.

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Great set!! Gorgeous Milena D,as always. And these under water shots...Brilliant!!!

I agree with hammertime – this model is now well past her best and the photo shoots are becoming increasingly irritating and pretentious. She has lost the bloom of youth and now just looks as if she was on drugs or totally shagged out. The time has come to stop.

I'm not so crazy about her look in this set either, but all you have to do is look at the newest set since this one to see that you're certainly wrong overall. Please don't stop, Milena!

I think you're the one that's high here. While I'm not wild about this shoot because of the location and photography, Milena is still gorgeous. "Pieno", which was done just a few months ago, is one of my all-time favorite sets. The set, lighting, makeup...everything was perfect. Milena looked so incredibly sexy in that lingerie. In my humble opinion, that's about as hot as she's ever looked.

Perhaps it is really time for you to move on? I don't think many see what you are seeing through your shagged out eyes. For a 60+ year old to talk about loss of bloom, you should take your own advise and move on?

Outrageous nonsense.

Somebody coaxed Milena to drastically trim her beautiful muff, wtf. At least her tiny ta tas and great labia have not been tampered with.

Good set of the gorgeous and hot Milena!! I loved the butterfly pussy shots. Lot of photos in here with poor focus though.

used to be so hot...not has the "heroin" look.

I assume you mean the ribs, smaller breasts, and eyes in this set, in which I agree that it's not my favorite look on her either. But the thing about this girl is that she's an incredible chameleon from set to set, and just goes through her phases. The latest set (since/after this one) is just a perfect example of how you never know how she'll look next.

Have you associate with a lot of "heroin" look people?

Picture number(s) please.

I love the pictures of her wet bare ass sticking up out of the water, very hot

Milena is perfect in any way I can think of. Mr Latika always does something that brings out Milena's beauty. I would like to see what some of the other artists can do with her, like Catherine or Leonardo, bue she is a classic example of a moder that refuses to work with anyone else.

Uncredible good photo set! Irresistible model!

I enjoyed the set. Thank you Erik, thank you Milena.

I am not a big fan of water shots or of nature shots but.... I gotta admit Milena makes one sexy mermaid!

Beautiful Taya alias Milena D. She's my favourite:-) In this set Milena is a dream Mermaid:-):-):-) So angelic sweet this sladkaja...

The 'ultimate water set'!? I think I like it... But where are the photoshoppers when you need them!? The fly coming in for a landing in 79 isn't very appealing...:o( Cool underwater shots... I guess if you're gonna do 'water', this may be the way to go... A few less repeats would have been ideal.

That's not a fly! It's a honey bee coming in for some sweet pussy juice to sweeten the hive! :)

Good call on the fly rockhard!

Milena is sooooo beautiful. She's my number 1, my all-time favorite, my princess :)

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